Fields of interest Research interests
Naomi Sussman's picture Naomi Sussman

Latin America

Stephan Sveshnikov's picture Stephan Sveshnikov

Russian history; The history of the village, food and agrarian history, Russian and European intellectual history, medieval culture, history of the Russian Orthodox Church

Rebecca Tannenbaum's picture Rebecca Tannenbaum
Senior Lecturer, History; Yale NUS Fellow International Affairs
Phone: 203-436-4951

U.S.: Early America; Social history of American medicine; Women’s history

Simon Torracinta's picture Simon Torracinta


Conrad Totman's picture Conrad Totman
Professor Emeritus History
Catherine Treesh's picture Catherine Treesh


Viet Trinh's picture Viet Trinh


Charles Troup's picture Charles Troup

Modern Europe

Samuel Turner's picture Samuel Turner
Monique Ulysses's picture Monique Ulysses
Richard Velazquez's picture Richard Velazquez

Latin America

Alec Walker's picture Alec Walker
Tom Zhuohun Wang's picture Tom Zhuohun Wang

Roman Provincial History; Ancient Economic History; Numismatic

Madeleine Ware's picture Madeleine Ware

Histories of Medicine and Public Health; Gender and Sexuality; Reproductive Health; 19th and 20th-century Physical Culture and Fitness; Britain and Empire

John Harley Warner's picture John Harley Warner
Chair and Avalon Professor History of Medicine; Professor American Studies & History; Chair HSHM
Phone: 203-785-5032

19th & 20th century US medicine and health; Comparative history of medicine (US, Britain, France); Cultural history of science & medicine