Fields of interest Research interests
Martha Guerrero Badillo's picture Martha Guerrero Badillo
Graduate School Student
Amanda Joyce Hall's picture Amanda Joyce Hall
Junyi Han's picture Junyi Han
Valerie Hansen's picture Valerie Hansen
Stanley Woodward Professor of History

China to 1600; Chinese religious & legal history; History of the Silk Road

Robert Harms's picture Robert Harms
Henry J. Heinz Professor of History & African Studies
Phone: 203-432-0559

Sub-Saharan Africa

Molly Harris's picture Molly Harris
Peter Haskin's picture Peter Haskin
Carlos Hernandez's picture Carlos Hernandez

Latin America

Elizabeth Hinton's picture Elizabeth Hinton
Professor of History, African American Studies & Law
Phone: 203-432-7283

20th Century United States History; political history; urban history; African American studies; criminalization; policing; incarceration.

Andrea Ho's picture Andrea Ho
Denise Ho's picture Denise Ho
Associate Professor of History
Phone: +1 (203) 436-9291

Modern China, Cultural Revolution, borderlands, urban history

Colin Hoch's picture Colin Hoch

Late Medieval and Early Modern Europe

Conor Hodges's picture Conor Hodges

20th Century U.S. History, Carceral Studies, Military History, Black Freedom Struggle, Insurgency & Counterinsurgency, Wars on Crime, Drugs, and Terror

Earl Hodil's picture Earl Hodil
Kevin Hoffman's picture Kevin Hoffman