Dissertations by year, 1882-1899

Bowen, Clarence Winthrop
The boundaries of Connecticut (1882)

Moore, Frederick Whitman
A Contribution to the Political History of Louisiana from May 1, 1862 - March 29, 1867, and to the History of Reconstruction in the Southern States Collected from Contemporaneous Sources (1890)

Bourne, Edward Gaylord
The Demarcation line of Pope Alexander VI (1892)

Shepardson, Francis Wayland
A Study of some Scotch-Irish Settlements in the American Colonies (1892)

Rogers, Sara Bulkley
The Rise of Civil Government and Federation in Early New England (1894)

Greene, Maria Louise
Church and State in Connecticut to 1818 (1895)

Mitchell, James Lee
The Growth of the Spirit of Toleration from the Reformation to the French Revolution (1896)

Sherrick, Sarah Margaret
The Despotism of Richard II (1896)

Lowe, Walter Irenaeus
A History of the Events which led to the Assumption of the Title of King of France by Edward III of England (1897)

Strong, Frank
Cromwell’s Colonial and Foreign Policy, with Special Reference to the West Indies expedition of 1654-1655 (1897)

Sumner, George Stedman
The Cromwellian transportation of the Irish (1897)

White, Albert Beebe
The first eight years of Henry III’s reign, 1216-1224 (1898)

Collins, Edward Day
“The Royal African Company”: A Study of the English Trade to Western Africa under Chartered Companies from 1585 to 1750 (1898)

Day, Clive
Industrial Organization and Regulations in the American Colonies (1899)

Lord, Arthur Power
Rise of Cardinal Richelieu during the Regency of Marie de Médicis (1899)

Prince, Walter Franklin
Studies in the History of Crime and Punishment in the Colonial Period (1899)