Dissertations by year, 1970-1979


Bertocci, Philip A.

Jules Simon, 1814-1896:  A Study of Republican Religious Politics


Bright, Charles

Britain’s Search for Security, 1930-1936:  The Diplomacy of Naval Disarmament and Imperial Defence


Bristow, Edward J.

The Defence of Liberty and Property in Britain, 1880-1914


Cashman, Dennis William

The Deterioration of English Rule in Late Medieval Ireland, 1394-1496


Crean, Eileen Marie

The Governor-Generalship of Turkestan under K. P. von Kaufmann, 1867-1882


Davidson, David Michael

Rivers and Empire:  The Madeira Route and the Incorporation of the Brazilian Far West, 1737-1808


Davis, Ruth

The Knights and the State in Sixteenth Century Germany


De Vries, Jan

The Role of the Rural Sector in the Expansion of the Dutch Economy:  1500-1700


Etzold, Thomas H.

Fair Play:  American Principles and Practice in Relations with Germany 1933-1939


Gordon, Irene Linda

Revolutionary Banditry:  An Interpretation of the Social Roles of the Ukrainian Cossacks in their First Rebellions, 1590-1596


Gould, William Edward

The Philosophy of Boris Chicherin:  From Practice to Theory


Hoffman, Richard

Studies in the Rural Economy of the Duchy of Wroclaw, 1200-1530


Jones, E. Alun

Internal Society in British Malaya, 1895-1942


Kapp, Robert A.

Szechwanese Provincial Militarism and Central Power in Republican China


LeGates, Marlene

The Knights and the State in Sixteenth Century Germany


Levack, Brian P.

The Politics of the English Civil Lawyers, 1603-1629


McCarthy, John Lockhart

Reconstruction Legislation and Voting Alignments in the House of Representatives, 1863-1869

Midelfort, Hans Christian Erik

The Social and Intellectual Foundations of Witch Hunting in Southwestern Germany, 1562-1684


Pierson, Ruth

German Jewish Identity in the Weimar Republic


Ramage, Jean Hunter

The English Woolen Industry and Parliament, 1750-1830


Raudzens, George

The British Ordnance Department in Canada, 1815-1855


Ryerson (Gluck), Ellen

Between Justice and Compassion:  The Rise and Fall of the Juvenile Court


Smith, Kent C.

Ch’ing Policy and the Development of Southwest China:  Aspects of Ortai’s Governor-Generalship, 1726-1731


Travers, Timothy Hugh Eton

Samuel Smiles and the Victorian Work Ethic: The Rise and Decline of the Ideal of Self-Help 1830-1890


Van Kley, Dale K.

The Jasenists and the Expulsion of the Jesuits from France, 1757-1765


Wechsler, Howard J.

Wei Cheng (A.D. 580-643) at the Court of T’ang T’ai-tsung




Blassingame, John W.

A Social and Economic Study of the Negro in New Orleans, 1860-1880


Dennis, III, William Cullen

A Federalist Persuasion:  The American Ideal of the Connecticut Federalists


Des Forges, Roger V.

Hsi-liang:  A Portrait of a Late Ch’ing Patriot


Etherington, Norman

The Rise of the Kholwa in Southeast Africa:  African Christian Communities in Natal, Pondoland and Zululand:  1835-1880


Freund, William Mark

Society and Government in Dutch South Africa:  The Cape and the Batavians, 1803-6


Garver, Bruce M.

The Young Czech Party, 1874-1914:  Social and Political Conflict in the Czech Lands and the Emergence of a Multi-Party System


Hahn, Erick Jürgen Cecil

Rudolf von Gneist (1816-1895):  The Political Ideas and Political Activity of a Prussian Liberal in the Bismarck Period


Hunt, Michael H.

Frontier Defense and the Open Door: Manchuria in Chinese-American Relations, 1895-1911


Keller, Kenneth W.

Diversity and Democracy: Ethnic Politics in Southeastern Pennsylvania, 1788-1799


Kousser, J. Morgan

The Shaping of Southern Politics:  Suffrage Restriction and the Establishment of the One-Party South, 1880-1910


Logan, John Frederick

Condillac, Historian


Mass, Jeffrey P.

The Early Development of the Kamakura Bakufu: A Study of the Shugo and Jito


Mattoon, Jr., Robert Howard

The Companhia Paulista de Estradas de Ferro, 1868-1900: A Local Railway Enterprise in São Paulo, Brazil


McGee, James Sears

The Rhetoric of Suffering in England, 1630-1670: An Inquiry into Fundamental Anglican-Puritan Differences


Miller, David Bruce

The Dissolution of the Religious Houses of Hesse During the Reformation


Miller, John Andrew

Air Diplomacy: The Chicago Civil Aviation Conference of 1944 in Anglo-American Wartime Relations and Post-war Planning


Misiunas, Romuald J.

Russia and Sweden, 1772-1778


Roby, Douglass Alfred

Stabilitas and Transitas:  Understanding Passage from One Religious Order to Another in Twelfth Century Monastic Controversy


Rosenbaum, Arthur Lewis

China’s First Railway:  The Imperial Railways of North China, 1880-1911


Schulzinger, Robert D.

The Making of the Diplomatic Mind:  The Training, Outlook, and Style of United States Foreign Service Officers, 1906-1928


Shipps, Kenneth w.

Lay Patronage of East Anglian Puritan Clerics in Pre-Revolutionary England


Stuard, Susan Mosher

Ragusa and the Silver Trade:  Ragusan Trade with the Balkan Interior, 1205-1358


Sussman, George D.

From Yellow Fever to Cholera:  A Study of French Government Policy, Medical Professionalism and Popular Movements in the Epidemic Crises of the Restoration and the July Monarchy


Turner, Frank Miller

Between Science and Religion: The Reaction to Scientific Naturalism in Late Victorian England


Unger, Richard W.

The Rise of the Dutch Shipbuilding Industry ca. 1400-ca. 1600: Technical and Institutional Sources of Dutch Economic Development


Whitehead, John S.

The Separation of College and State:  The Transformation of Columbia, Dartmouth, Harvard, and Yale from Quasi-Public to Private Institutions, 1776-1876



Berger, Gordon Mark

The Search for a New Political Order:  Konoe Fumimaro, the Political Parties, and Japanese Politics During the Early Shôwa Era


Castles, Lance

The Political Life of a Sumatran Residency:  Tapanuli 1915-1940


Clark, Jonathan

The Hopes and Fears of A Yesteryear:  1787


DesForges, Alison Liebhafsky

Defeat is the Only Bad News: Rwanda Under Musiinga, 1896-1931


Domson, Charles Andrew

Nicolas Fatio de Duillier and the Prophets of London:  An Essay in the Historical Interaction of Natural Philosophy and Millennial Belief in the Age of Newton


Elphick, Richard

The Cape Khoi and the First Phase of South African Race Relations


Engs, Robert Francis

The Development of Black Culture and Community in the Emancipation Era:  Hampton Roads, Virginia, 1861-1870


Fox, Richard Wayne

Conservative Accommodation to Revolution:  Friedrich von der Decken and the Hanoverian Military Reform 1789-1820


Gibbons, Robert Joseph

Soviet Industry and the German War Effort, 1939-1945


Green, James R.

Socialism and the Southwestern Class Struggle, 1898-1918: A Study of Radical Movements in Oklahoma, Texas, Louisiana and Arkansas


Loewenberg, Robert J.

The Idea of Equality in Ante-Bellum America: Oregon A Test Case


McCarthy, Dennis Michael Patrick

The Politics of Economic Change in Tanganyika, 1919-39


Messmer, Michael Walker

Prince of Popularizers:  The Life and Thought of C.E.M. Joad, 1891-1953

Miller, B. Jaye

French Personalism and the Search for Community:  The Social and Political Philosophy of the Pre-War Esprit


Palmer, Bruce

The Rhetoric of Southern Populists: Metaphor and Imagery in the Language of Reform


Schleifer, James T.

The Making of Tocqueville’s Democracy: Studies in the Development of Alexis de Tocqueville’s Work on America With Particular Attention to His Sources, His Ideas and His Methods


Sherman, Arnold Alan

Commerce, Colonies, and Competition: Special Interest Groups and English Commercial and Colonial Policy, 1660-1673


Weary, William Arthur

Royal Policy and Patronage in Renaissance France: The Monarchy and the House of La Trémoille



Davidson, James West

Eschatology in New England:  1700-1763


De Jesus, Ed C.

The Tobacco Monopoly in the Philippines 1782-1882


Dennerline, Jerry

The Mandarins and the Massacre of Chia-ting: An Analysis of  the Local Heritage and the Resistance to the Manchu Invasion in 1645


Fitzgerald, Edward Peter

Emile Pouget, the Anarchist Movement, and the Origins of Revolutionary Trade-Unionism in France (1880-1901)


Freeman, Michael

Lo-yang and the Opposition to Wang An-shih: The Rise of Confucian Conservatism, 1068-1086


Herbold, Jr., Carl Frederic

Developments in the Peruvian Administrative System, 1919-1939:  Modern and Traditional Qualities of Government under Authoritarian Regimes


Jeffries, John W.

Testing the Roosevelt Coalition: Connecticut Society and Politics, 1940-1946


Lytle, Mark H.

American-Iranian Relations 1941-1947 and the Redefinition of National Security


Marcus, Howard Allen

Provincial Government in São Paulo: The Administration of João Teodoro Xavier (1872-1875)


Neely, Mark E.

The Organic Theory of the State in America, 1838-1918


Pace, Allen David

The Bearer of Ashes: Claude Levi-Strauss and the Problem of Cultural Relativism

Payne, Harry Charles

The French Philosophers and the People: A Study in Enlightenment Social Vision


Peck, Linda Levy

Patronage, Policy and Reform at the Court of James I

Rodgers, Daniel T.

The Work Ethic in Industrial America, 1865-1917


Schaffer, Michael

The Good Citizen of the American Republic, 1789-1800


Staubitz, Richard Louis

The Establishment of the System of Local Self-Government (1888-1890) in Meiji Japan:  Yamagata Aritomo and the Meaning of “Jichi” (Self-Government)


Sutherland, Heather

Pangreh Pradja: Java’s Indigenous Administrative Corps and Its Role in the Last Decades of Dutch Colonial Rule


Thomas, Gerlad Eustis

William D. Leahy and America’s Imperial Years, 1893-1917


Thurber, Bert H.

The Negro at the Nation’s Capital, 1913-1921



Bregman, Jay

Synesius of Cyrene: A Case Study in the Conversion of the Greco-Roman Aristocracy


Caskey, Marie Carpenter

Faith and Theology in the Beecher Family (1775-1907)


Cooper, Frederick

Plantation Slavery on the East Coast of Africa in the Nineteenth Century


Curran, Robert Emmett

Michael Augustine Corrigan and the Shaping of Conservative Catholicism in America, 1878-1895


Harding, Robert R.

The Provincial Governors of Reformation France: Anatomy of a Power Elite, 1542-1635


Hazen, Dan C.

The Awakening of Puno: Government Policy and the Indian Problem in Southern Peru, 1900-1955


Huffman, Frank Jackson

Old South, New South: Continuity and Change in a Georgia County, 1850-1880


Kaplan, Steven L.

Subsistence, Police, and Political Economy at the End of the Reign of Louis XV


Lee, Thomas H. C.

Education in Northern Sung China


Levi, Darrell E.

The Prados of Sao Paulo: An Elite Brazillian Family in a Changing Society, 1840-1930


Naquin, Susan

Millenarian Rebellion in China: The Eight Trigrams Uprising of 1813


O’Connell, Laura Stevenson

Social Perceptions in Elizabethan Best-Sellers and Popular Drama


Oren, Laura Ellen

The Problem of Casual Labor and the Origins of the Welfare State in 1889-1914


Puskas-Balogh, Eva S.

The Road to Isolation: Hungary, The Great Powers, and the Successor States, 1919-1920


Robbins, David Lee

A Radical Alternative to Paternalism: Voluntary Association and Popular Enlightenment in England and France, 1800-1840


Robson, David W.

Higher Education in the Emerging American Republic, 1750-1800


Schwartz, Hillel

The French Prophets in England: A Social History of a Millenarian Group in the Early Eighteenth Century


Steiber, Joachim W.

Pope Eugenius IV and the Council of Basel: Their Conflict Over Supreme Authority and Power in the Church and the Response of the Secular and Ecclesiastical Authorities in the Empire (1431-1449)


Thonton, III, Jonathan Mills

Politics and Power in a Slave Society:  Alabama, 1806-1860


Vincent, William Allan

Politics and the Restoration House of Lords:  1660-1685


Williams, Alan

The Police of Paris, 1718-1789


Winkler, Allan M.

Politics and Propaganda: The Office of War Information, 1942-1945



Bischoff, John Paul

Economic Change in Thirteenth Century Lincoln: Decline of an Urban Cloth Industry


Black, Barbara Aronstein

Judicial Power and the General Court in Early Massachusetts (1634-1686)


Claus, Ruth Freeman

Militancy in the English and American Woman Suffrage Movements


Cochran, Sherman

Big Business in China:  Sino-American Rivalry in the Tobacco Industry, 1890-1930

Diehl, Carl Christopher

Vision and Vocation:  The Assimilation of Modern Scholarship in the Humanities in Germany and America, 1770-1870


Fletcher, III, William Miles

Ideologies and Political and Economic Reform and Fascism in Prewar Japan: Ryu Shintaro, Royama Masamichi and the Showa Research Association


Hack, Harold Martin

The Rise of Thebes:  A Study of Theban Politics and Diplomacy, 386-371 B.C.


Heap, Peter Charles

The Politics of Stuart Warwickshire:  An Elite Study


Heuman, Gad J.

Between Black and White: Brown Men in Jamaican Politics and Society, 1823-1863


Hibbard, Caroline M.

Charles I and the Popish Plot


Hoyt, Franceen Schneider

The Carolingian Episcopate: Concepts of Pastoral Care as Set Forth in the Capitularies of Charlemagne and His Bishops (789-822)


Hsieh, Andrew C. K.

Tseng Kuo-fan, A Nineteenth Century Confucian General


Johnston, David Bruce

Rural Society and the Rice Economy in Thailand, 1880-1930


Keeton, Edward David

Briand’s Locarno Policy:  French Economics, Politics, and Diplomacy, 1925-29


Kenney, Jr., James Joseph

The Vorontsov Party in Russian Politics, 1785-1830:  An Examination of the Influence of an Aristocratic Family at the Court of St. Petersburg in the Age of Revolution


Langer, John Daniel

The Formulation of American Aid Policy Toward the Soviet Union, 1940-1943:  The Hopkins Shop and the Department of State


Mather, Jean

The English Civil War and the Local Administration of Justice, 1642-1661


May, Glenn Anthony

America in the Philippines: The Shaping of Colonial Policy, 1898-1913


McTigue, Geraldine Mary

Forms of Racial Interaction in Louisiana, 1860-1880


Murray, Williamson

The Change in the European Balance of Power, 1938-1939


Ocko, Jonathan K.

Ting Jih-Ch’ang and Restoration Kiangsu, 1864-1870:  Rhetoric and Reality



The Residency of Madiun:  Pryayi and Peasant in the Nineteenth Century


Robinson, Rudite Preimats

The Parliamentary Representation of Gloucestershire, 1660-1690


Rosenthal, Steven T.

Municipal Reform in Istanbul 1850-1870:  The Impact of the Tanzimat upon Urban Affairs


Sherry, Michael S.

Preparing for the Next War:  American Plans for Postwar Defense, 1941-1945


Somers, Robert M.

The Collapse of the T’ang Order


Vinton-Johanson, Peter

Johan Ludvig Heilberg’s Political and Social Thought


Wiberley, Jr., Stephen Edward

Four Cities:  Public Poor Relief in Urban American, 1700-1775



Albisetti, James C.

Kaiser, Classicists, and Moderns:  Secondary School Reform in Imperial Germany


Atkin, Muriel

The Khanates of the Eastern Caucasus and the Origins of the First Russo-Iranian War


Carstensen, Fred V.

American Mutlinational Corporations in Imperial Russia


Chapman, Richard N.

Contours of Public Policy 1939-1945


Coogan, John W.

The End of Neutrality:  The United States, Britian, and Neutral Rights, 1899-1915


Crisp, James Ernest

Anglo-Texan Attitudes Toward the Mexican, 1821-1845


Horowitz, Arnold

Prussian State and Protestant Church in the Reign of Willhelm II


Knox, MacGregor

Italy’s “Parallel War” Part 1.  From Non-Belligerance to the Collapse of France

Mark, Peter

Economic and Religious Change among the Diola of Boulouf (Casamance), 1890-1940:  Trade, Cash Cropping and Islam in Southwestern Senegal


McCormick, Richard L.

Shaping Republican Strategy:  Political Change in New York State, 1893-1910


O’Connor, Carol (Ann)

Scarsdale, 1891-1933:  The Rise of a Wealthy Suburb

Pogorelskin, Alexis Esther

Scholar and Journalist:  The Career of M.M. Stasiulevich, 1850-1882


Pope, Robert Dean

Senatorial Baron:  The Long Political Career of Kenneth D. McKellar


Powell, Lawrence N.

New Masters:  Northern Planters during the Civil War and Reconstruction


Pritchard, Arnold

Catholic Loyalism and the Anti-Jesuit Party in Elizabethan Catholicism


Quinn, Dennis Michael

The Mormon Hierarchy, 1832-1932: An American Elite


Roberts, Jennifer Tolbert

The Impeachment of Generals at Athens during the Classical Period:  A Study in Political Accountability


Rowland, Daniel B.

Muscovite Political Attitudes as Reflected in Early Seventeenth Century Tales about the Time of Troubles


Twinam, Ann

Miners, Merchants, and Farmers:  The Roots of Entrepreneurship in Antioquia, 1763-1810


Watkins, Bari Jane

The Professors and the Unions: American Academic Social Theory and Labor Reform, 1883-1915



Arnesen, Peter Judd

Daimyo Ryokoku in Muromachi Period Japan.  A Study of the Ouchi Domain


Bak, Joan Lamaysou

Some Antecedents of Corporatism:  State Economic Intervention and Rural Organization in Brazil.  The Case of Rio Grande do Sul, 1890-1937


Barrows, Susanna

Crowd Psychology in Late Nineteenth-Century France:  The Riddle of the Sphinx


Bergman, Jay

Vera Zasulich and the Politics of Revolutionary Unity


Carlton, David L.

Mill and Town:  The Cotton Mill Workers and the Middle Class in South Carolina, 1880-1920


Dwyer, Ellen

The Rhetoric of Reform:  A Study of Verbal Persuasion and Belief Systems in the Anti-Masonic and Temperance Movements, 1825-1860


Faragher, John Mack

Midwestern Families in Motion:  Women and Men on the Trail to Oregon and California, 1843-1870


Holm, David Frederick

The Role of the State Railways in Thai History, 1892-1932


Keymer, David King

Character, Motive, and Behavior:  Resources of Language, Patterns of Explanation in Three Castillan Chronicles (1454-92)


Mann, Bruce H.

Parishes, Law and Community in Connecticut, 1700-1760


McCoy, Alfred W.

Iliolo:  Factional Conflict in a Colonial Economy, Iliolo Province, Philippines, 1937-1955


Miller, Jr., John T.

Ideology and Enlightenment:  The Political and Social Thought of Samuel Taylor Coleridge


Parr, Gwynth Joy

The Home Children:  British Juvenile Immigrants to Canada, 1868-1924


Rahe, Paul Anthony

Lysander and the Spartan Settlement, 407-403 B.C.


Ross, Catherine J.

Society’s Children:  The Care of Indigent Youngsters in New York City, 1875-1903


Rush, James R.

Opium Farms in Nineteenth Century Java, Institutional Continuity and Change in a Colonial Society 1860-1910


Stoff, Michael B.

The Anglo-American Oil Agreement and the Development of National Policy for Foreign Oil, 1941-1947


Vickery, Michael

Cambodia After Angkor, The Chronicular Evidence for the Fourteenth to Sixteenth Centuries


Yudelman, David

From Laissez Faire to Interventionist State: Subjugation and Co-operation of Organised Labour on the South African Gold Mines, 1902-1939


Zarwan, John Irvine

The Indian Businessmen in Kenya during the Twentieth Century: A Case Study




Abelove, Henry Diamond

John Wesley’s Influence During His Lifetime on the Methodists


Abray, Lorna Jane

The Long Reformation:  Magistrates, Clergy, and People in Strausbourg, 1520-1598


Adams, Nina S.

The Meaning of Pacification: Thanh Hoa Under French Rule, 1885-1908


Bode, Francis Chrysostomos

Leadership and Politics Among the Abuluya of Kenya, 1894-1963

Bratt, James D.

Dutch Calvinism in Modern America:  The History of a Conservative Subculture


Essig, James D.

Break Every Yoke:  American Evangelicals Against Slavery, 1770-1808


Fanton, Jonathan F.

Robert A. Lovett:  The War Years


Fields, Barbara Jeanne

The Maryland Way From Slavery to Freedom


Gray, Christopher Stephen

Johore, 1910-1914:  Studies in the Colonial Process


Harl, Kenneth W.

Political Attitudes of Rome’s Eastern Provinces in the Third Century A.D.


Hoover, Ellen Titus

Among Competing Worlds: The Rehamma of Morocco on the Eve of French Conquest


Hoover, James Jeffrey

The Seduction of Ruwej:  Reconstructing Ruund History (The Nuclear Lunda:  Zaire, Angola, Zambia)


Hull, Isabel V.

The Entourage of Kaiser Wilhelm II, 1888-1918:  (Die Kaiserliche Umgelbung)


Joseph, Gilbert Michael

Revolution from Without:  The Mexican Revolution in Yucatan, 1915-1924


Kruman, Marc W.

Parties and Politics in North Carolina, 1846-1865


Norberg, Kathryn

Rich and Poor in the Old Regime:  Grenoble 1600-1804


Rosenberg, David Lee

Social Experience and Religious Choice:  A Case Study, the Protestant Weavers and Woolcombers of Amiens in the Sixteenth Century


Seccombe, Matthew

From Revolution to Republic:  The Later Political Career of Samuel Adams, 1774-1803


Sheridan, Jr., George J.

The Social and Economic Foundations of Association Among the Silk Weavers of Lyons, 1852-1870


Silber, Norman Isaac

Consumer Protest and the Social Control of Technology: The Public at Consumers Union, 1936-1964


Sommers, Kathleen Bernard

Court, Country, and Parliament: Electoral Influences in Five English Counties, 1586-1640


Stepansky, Paul E.

From Psychoanalysis to Community Feeling:  Alfred Adler and the Search for Therapeutic Pragmatism


Vickery, Kenneth Powers

The Making of a Peasantry: Imperialism and the Tonga Plateau Economy, 1890-1936



Dellheim, Charles

Medievalism in Modernity: The Victorians’ Encounter with their Inheritance

Goldberg, Heidi

Railroad Unionization in Argentina, 1921-1929: The Limitations of Working Class Alliance


Hahn, Steven

The Roots of Southern Populism:  Yeoman Farmers and the Transformation of Georgia’s Upper Piedmont, 1850-1890


Halttunen, Karen

Confidence Men and Painted Women:  The Problem of Hypocrisy in Sentimental America, 1830-1870


Hietala, Thomas R.

Anxiety and Aggrandizement: The Origins of American Expansion in the 1840s


Hoffman, Philip T.

Church and Community:  The Parish Priests and the Counter Reformation in the Diocese of Lyon, 1500-1789


Holley, Larry Jackson

The Divines of the Westminster Assembly:  A Study of Puritanism and Parliament


Johnson, Penelope Delafield

Prayer, Patronage, and Power:  The Abbey of la Trinite, Vendome, 1032-1187


Klein, Rachel N.

The Rise of the Planters in the South Carolina Backcountry, 1767-1808


Krentz, Peter

The Thirty at Athens


Manville, Philip Brook

The Evolution of Athenian Citizenship: Individual and Society in the Archaic Age


McClain, James L.

Kanazawa:  A Castle Town in Seventeenth Century Japan


Merrick, Jeffrey

From the Sun King to Citizen Capet:  The Desacralization of the French Monarchy in the Eighteenth Century


Mintz, Steven

Studies in the Victorian Family


Moynihan, Ruth Barnes

Abigail Scott Duniway of Oregon:  Woman and Suffragist of the American Frontier


Notle, Sharon H.

Democracy and Debate in Taisho Japan:  Tanaka Odo, 1867-1932


Potash, Janet Ruth

The Foundling Problem in France, 1800-1869:  Child Abandonment in Lille and Lyon


Rostow, Charles Nicholas

Toward Alliance:  Thesis and Antithesis in Anglo-French Relations, 1934-1936


Sarna, Jonathan D.

Mordecai M. Noah:  Jacksonian Politician and American Jewish Communal Leader–A Biographical Study


Saxe, Elizabeth Lee

Fortune’s Tangled Web:  Trading Networks of English Entrepreneurs in Eastern India, 1657-1717


Stern, Steve J.

The Challenge of Conquest:  The Indian Peoples of Huamanga, Peru and the Foundation of a Colonial Society, 1532-1640


Strauss, Barry S.

Division and Conquest:  Athens, 403-386 B.C.


Wayne, Michael

Ante-Bellum Planters in the Post-Bellum South:  The Natchez District, 1860-1880