Dissertations by year, 1930-1939


Crittenden, Charles Christopher
Transportation and Commerce in North Carolina, 1763-1789

Morse, Jarvis Means
Connecticut 1818-1850: A Study in Conservatism

Painter, Sidney
William Marshall: Knight Errant, Baron and Regent of England

Ryland, William James
Alexander Ramsey: Frontier Politician


Bourne, Ruth May
Queen Anne’s Navy in the West Indies

Rudin, Harry Rudolph
Kamerum, 1884-1905


Barker, Charles Albro
The Background of the Revolution in Maryland

Campbell, Mildred Lucile
The English Yeoman Under Elizabeth and the Early Stuarts

Clarke, Mary Patterson
Parliamentary Privilege in the American Colonies

Cutts, Anson Bailey, Jr.
The Aberdeen University Pattern in Early American Education

Johnson, Cecil
British West Florida, 1763-1783

Moss, Charles George Gordon
The Virginia Plantation System, 1700-1750


Drake, Thomas Edward
Northern Quakers and Slavery

Frear, Mary Reno
The Personnel of the Commons in the Long Parliament

Kent, Sherman
Electoral Reform in France Under Louis Phillippe, 1830-1837

Kimball, Elisabeth Guernsey
erjeanty Tenure in England from the Conquest to the Death of Edward I

Moody, Robert Earle
The Maine Frontier, 1607-1763

Perkins, Howard Cecil
The Northern Press at the Approach of the Civil War

Pierson, George Wilson
Two Frenchmen in America, 1831-1832

Walter, Gaines Winningham
The Commerce of Colonial Philadelphia

Wiley, Bell Irvin
The Negro in the Confederacy


Caldwell, Theodore Cuyler
Devonshire, 1558-1640

Garrison, Helen Stuart
Studies on the Recordum of the Count Court

Keller, Charles Roy
The Second Great Awakening in Connecticut

Mitchell Williams McLean
A Comparison of the English and Irish Houses of Commons, 1934 1558-1615

Olson, Albert LaVerne
Economic Aspects of the Western Migration from Connecticut

Pumphrey Ralph Everett
The Creation of Peerages in England, 1837-1911 1934


Bates, Miner Searle
The Establishment of the Chinese Empire

Herrick, Francis Herkomer
The Growth of British Party Organization, 1832-1885

Ralph, Philip Lee
A Critical Edition of the Diary of Sir Humphrey Mildway, 1633-1652

Squire, Francis Hagar
The English Country Gentleman in the Early Seventeenth Century

Warner, Robert Austin
The Indians of Southern New England Indians to 1725

Woodward, Dorothy
The Penitentes of New Mexico


Capers, Gerald Mortimer, Jr.
Where South Met West: Memphis, Tennessee, 1819-1900

Dater, Henry Murray
Municipal Administration of Lyon, 1764-1790

Dix, Elizabeth Jean
The Origins of the Action of Trespass on the Case

Monaghan, Frank
John Jay: Defender of Liberty

Palmer, Norman Dunbar
The Irish Land League Crisis

Preston, Richard Arthur
Colonial Schemes of Sir Ferdinando Gorges

Smith, Alice Kimball
The English Country Clergy in the Early Seventeenth Century

Willcox, William Bradford
The Government of Gloucestershire, 1590-1642


Brockway, Thomas Parmalee
Iran and the West (1860-1907). A Case Study in Modern Imperialism

Farrell, John Thomas
The Administration of Justice in Connecticut about the Middle of the Eighteenth Century

Gray, Raymond Joseph
The Byzantine Coronation Oath

Green, Constance Winsor
Holyoke, Massachusetts: A Case History of the Industrial McLaughlin Revolution in America

Griffin, Eldon
Clippers and Consuls: American Consular and Commercial Relations with the United States and Eastern Asia, 1845-1860

Henning, Basil Duke
The Representation of Wiltshire in the Long Parliament of Charles II

Johnson, Howard Palmer
New Orleans Under General Butler

Levin, Alfred
The Russian Social-Democrats in the Second Duma

Reading, Douglas Kugler
The Anglo-Russian Commercial Treaty of 1734


Baumer, Franklin LeVan
Ideas of Kingship in the Reign of Henry VIII

Bridgwater, William Richard
The American Fur Company

Cary, Harold Whiting
A History of News Presentation in the Springfield Republican, 1878-1930

Conn, Stetson
Gibraltar in British Diplomacy in the Eighteenth Century

Johnston, Frontis Withers
The Concept of National Planning, 1865-1917 1938

Mendenhall, Thomas Corwin
The Shrewsbury Drapers and the Welsh Wool Trade in the XVI and XVII Centuries

Norton, William Bunnell
The Commercial Policy of the English Board of Trade toward 1938 France, 1696-1714

Read, Elizabeth
The Procedure of the House of Commons against Patents and Monopolies, 1621-1624

Sachse, William Lewis
Minutes of the Norwich Court of Mayoralty, 1630-1635


Aiken, William Appleton
“The Conduct of the Right Honorable Daniel Earl of Nottingham, By Himself”

Chapman, Stuart Webster
The Protestant Campaign for the Union: A Study of the Re-Actions of Several Evangelical Denominations to the Civil War

Daily, Sister Maria Renata C.S.C.
The Connecticut Mind and Catholicism: 1829-1860 1939

Dodds, George Emerson
The Rural Constable in Early Seventeenth-Century England

Grattan, Henry V.
Anthony Gawdy: A Younger Son of a Younger Son (c. 1602-1653)

Mathias, James Francis Jr.
An Introduction to a Study of the Court of Star Chambers: 1603-1625

Murphy, Thomas Daniel
The Diary of William Whiteway of Dorcester, County Dorset, from the Year 1618 to the Year 1635

Watson, Richard Lyness Jr.
Thurlow Weed, Political Leader, 1848-1855

Weigle, Richard Daniel
The Sugar Interests and American Diplomacy in Hawaii and Cuba, 1893-1903

Young, George Berkeley
Politics on American Diplomacy during Cleveland’s Administrations