Dissertations by year, 1940-1949


James, Francis Godwin
A History of the Episcopacy of William Nicholson, Bishop of Carlisle, 1702-1718

Persons, Stow Spaulding
The Free Religious Movement in America, 1867-1893

Potter, Jr., David Morris
Republican Policy in the Crisis of 1860-1861

Scott, Robert Charles Lewis
American Travellers in France, 1830-1860

Warner, Donald Frederick

The Movement for the Annexation of Canada to the United States, 1849-1893


Greenberg, Louis

The Struggle of Russian Jews for Emancipation in the Reign of Alexander II

Keen, Benjamin

David Curtis Deforest and the Revolution of Buenos Aires

Manning, Thomas Green

Science in a Democracy: The Origins and Early History of the United States Geological Survey, 1867-1894

Meyer, Henry Cord

Mitteleuropa: Concept and Reality, 1914-1917

Mitchell, John Hewitt

The Tribunal of the “Connetablie et Marechausse de France” during the Reign of Henri IV (1589-1610)

Nichols, James Hastings

Jacob Burckhardt, Philosopher and Historian

Raach, John Howard

The English Country Doctor in the Province of Canterbury, 1603-1643

Toop, John Rawlings

The Catholic Center Party and the Foundations of Unity in the German Empire

Weir, Forrest Cleburne

The Social Opinions of Simeon E. Baldwin

Willey, Charles Francis

Regional Studies in the History of the English Wine Trade under John and Henry III


Davis, Jr., Thomas Brabson

The Diplomatic Career of the United States of Carlos De Alvear, 1824 and 1838-1852

Foord, Archibald Smith

The Development of the Parliamentary Opposition. (Chapters in the History of ‘His Majesty’s Loyal Opposition’)

Kennedy, John Hopkins

New France and the European Conscience

Lycan, Gilbert Lester

The Foreign Policy of Alexander Hamilton

Padelford, Philip Sidney

Adin Ballou and the Hopedale Community

Quillen, Issac James

Industrial City.  A History of Gary, Indiana, to 1929

Roberts, Henry Lithgow

Arnold Herrman Ludwig Herren, the Goettingen Historian

Adair, Douglass Greybil

The Intellectual Origins of Jeffersonian Democracy


LeDuc, Thomas H. A.

Piety and Intellect: The Relations of Religion and Learning at Amherst College, 1865-1912

Mathias, Barbara Lord

Schemes of Comprehension in the Reign of Charles II: A Study in the History of Religious Liberty

Myers, Gibbs

The Founding of Modern Washington, 1790-1897

Robe, Cecil Francis

The Penetration of an Alaskan Frontier: The Tanana Valley and Fairbanks

Skerpan, Alfred Andrew

Russian Liberalism and Reform (c. 1832-1857)

Winkler, Frances Huntington

The Making of King’s Knights in England, 1398-1461



Bornholdt, Laura Anna

Baltimore as a Port of Propaganda for Spanish American Independence, 1810-1823

Chapman, Maybelle Kennedy

Great Britain and the Bagdad Railway

Sommerlattte, Katherine Elisabeth

The Institution and Development of Baroneticies Under

James I


Fennelly, Catherine Mary

Royal Governors, 1770-1775

Osterweis, Rollin Gustav

Patterns of Romanticism in the Antebellum South


Gulick, Edward Vose

Balance of Power in Europe, 1812-1815

Holley, Jr., Irving Brinton

Ideas and Weapons: Exploitation of the Air Weapon by the United States During World War I: A Study in the Relationship of Technological Advance, Military Doctrine and the Development of Weapons

Judd, IV, Gerrit Parmele

Horace Walpole’s Journal, 1783-91: Part II, annotated text


Cooper, George Brinton

The Home Department of the British Government, 1781-1801

DeNovo, John August

Petroleum and American Diplomacy in the Near East, 1908-1928

Garvan, Anthony Nicholas Brady

Architecture and Town Planning in Colonial Connecticut

Lossky, Andrew

The Baltic Question: 1679-1689

McBride, Sister Rita Mary

Roger Griswold: Connecticut Federalist


Backus, III, Oswald Prentiss

Stein and Russia’s Prussian Policy from Tilsit to Vienna

Douglass, Elisha Plairs

Democracy in the American Revolution

Helde, Thomas Tolman

The Blockade of Germany, November 1918- July 1919

Krieger, Leonard

Liberal Ideas and Institutions in the German Era of Unification

Schaab, William Henry

Bismarck and the Formation of the Constitution of the North German Confederation

Simon, Walter Michael

The Failure of the Prussion Reform Movement, 1807-1819