Dissertations by year, 1950-1959


Allen, Robert Vincent

The Legislative Commission of Catherine II

Furniss, Norman Francis

The Fundamentalist Controversy, 1918-1931

Gibson, II, Charles

History of Tlaxeata in the Sixteenth Century

Givan, Walker Forrest

The Politiques in the French Religious Wars (1580-1593)

Li, Tien-yi

Woodrow Wilson’s China Policy, 1913-1917

Pflanze, Jr., Otto Paul

The Internal Integration of Germany, 1867-1880

Philoon, Thurman Everett

The Early Economic and Commercial Development of Aigues-Mortes

Wiggin, Lewis Merriam

The Faction of Cousins: A Political Account of the Grenvilles, 1733-1763


Anthony, David Forsyth

The Administration of Hokkaido Under Kuroda Kiyotaka, 1870-1882

Dotson, Lillian Ota

The Sino-Japanese War of 1894-1895

Ferrell, Robert Hugh

The United States and the Origins of the Kellogg-Briand Pact

Gaines, William Louis

The Justice of the Peace in England, 1835-1888

Hanna, Jr., Archibald

New England Military Institutions: 1693-1750

Heald, Morrell

Business Attitudes Toward European Immigration, 1861-1914

Hirshler, Eric Ernest

Aspects of Freedom and Restraint During the Fourteenth Century (Cologne, Stausbourg, Frankfurt)

Lamar, Howard Roberts

Dakota Territory, 1861-1889; a Study of Frontier Politics

Law, Ernest Matthew

The Agricultural Experiment Station Movement in Connecticut, 1840-1900

Martin, T. R.

The Peace Settlement of 1783: Anglo-American Phase

Mays, Jr., Rayford Glynn

Bismarck’s Silent Partner: The Eastern Question in Bismarckian Diplomacy, 1862-1874

Richmond, III, Arthur Archibald

The United States and the Armed Neutrality of 1800

Schwartz, Jane (Mrs. Edward B. Benjamin)

Practisers in Princes Causes: Tudor Privy Councillors from 1540-1558


Bahlman, Dudley Ward Rhodes

The Movement for Reformation

Bastert, Russell Henry

The Origins of the first International American Conference

Crane, Fred Arthur

The Noble Savage in America, 1815-1860

Crane, Robert Irwin

The Indian National Congress and the Indian Agrarian Problem, 1918-1939

Davies, John Dunn

Prenology in America, 1820-1860

Ginsburg, Harvey Hillson

The Struggle for the control of Primary Education in The Netherlands, 1848-1917

Hamerow, Theodore Stephen

Social Conflict and Adjustment inthe German Revolution of 1848-49

Hine, Jr., Robert Van Norden

Utopian Colonies in California

Kaplan, Lawrence Samuel

Jefferson and France

Reynolds, James Aloysius

The Catholic Association of Ireland, 1823-1829

Roohan, Jr., James Edward

American Catholics and the Social Question, 1865-1900

Tholfsen, Trygve Rainone

Democracy in Birmingham, 1830-1867

Zeender, John Karl

The Center Party and the Growth of German National Power, 1890-1906


Barnes, Richard Storrs

German Influence on American Historical Studies, 1884-1914

Buchanan, II, Daniel Harvey

The Kingdom of Naples: 1650-1750

Curtis, Mark Hubert

Oxford and Cambridge in Transition: 1558-1642

Fisher, Richard Bernard

The Last Muckraker: The Social Orientation of the Thought of Upton Sinclair

Gordon, Jr., Harold Jackson

The Reichswehr and the German Republic, 1919-1926

Hitchcock, William Robertson

Rebellion of the Knights, 1555

Liddell, Jr., William Andrew

The Development of Science in the American Glass Industry, 1880-1940

Roberts, Frederick David

The Establishment of the Central Enspectorates

Rudolph, Jr., Charles Frederick

The Social and Intellectual History of Williams College

Weaver, Glenn

Jonathan Trumbull: Connecticut’s Merchant Magistrate


Bennett, Harry Louis

From Entente to Alliance: A History of the Entente Cordiale, 1904-1914

Cochrane, Jr., Eric William

The Tuscan Academiees in the Age of the Enlightenment

Davidson, John Wells

The Response of the South to Woodrow Wilson’s New Freedom, 1912-1914

Divine, Robert Alexander

American Immigration Policy, 1924-1952

Ferguson, Alan Douglas

The Russian Military Settlements, 1810-1866

Gilmore, Robert Creighton

Connecticut and the Foundation of Vermont

Heye, Harold Eugene

The Communist Party of Germany, 1928-1930

Huntington, Frank Charles

The Ideology of the Action Francaise

Logan, Jr., John Arthur

The Origins of the No-Transfer Principle in American Democracy, 1775-1823

Mitchell, Jr., Rowland Lippincott

Social Legislation in Connecticut, 1919-1939

Olsen, Donald James

Private Town Planning: The Bedford and Foundling Estates in London During the Eighteenth Century and Nineteenth Century

Prelinger, Catherine Magill Holden

A Decade of Dissent in Germany

Wolfenden, James Watson

English Nonconformity and the Social Conscience, 1880-1906

Wray, Frank Junior

History in the Eyes of the Sixteenth Century Anabaptists


Brown, Richard Holbrook

Southern Planters and Plain Republicans of the North

Farnsworth, John Russell

History of Reversby Abbey, 1764-1820

Gordon, Nancy Morehouse

Anglo-German Trade Relations, 1840-1854

Riggs, John Beverley

The Acquisition of Foreign Archival Sources for American History to the Year 1949

Smith, Robert Arthur

Edmund Burke’s Crusade Against the French Revolution

Westfall, Richard Samuel

Christianity and the Virtuosi


Bernstein, Henry Traugott

Steamboats on the Ganges, 1828-1840

Gaisser, Charles Thomas

The Bourgeiois Regime and the French University, 1830-1848

Herlihy, David Joseph

Pisa, Economy and Society 1250-1300

Hutchison, William Robert

The Transcendentalists as Church Reformers

Jackson, Dorothy Belle

The Growth of an Industrial City, Birmingham, 1800-1851

Kennedy, Joan Elizabeth

The King’s Nonage: A Study of the Politics, Rule and Governanace of England During Royal Minorities, 1216-1551

Teall, John Leland

The Wheat Economy of the Byzantine Empire, 325-1025


Garside, Jr., Charles

The Singular Kingdom: Studies in Huldrych Zwingli’s Attitude Toward the Visual Arts and Music

Hane, Mikiso

English Liberalism and the Japanese Enlightenment, 1868-1890

Herbert, Eugenia Warren

French Artists and Social Reform 1800-1900


Friend, III, Theodore Wood

The Politics and Strategy of Philippine Independence, 1929-1936

Hunt, Richard Norman

The Internal Development of the German Social Democratic Party in the Weimar Republic

Irikura, James Kensuke

Trade and Diplomacy Between the Philippines and Japan, 1585-1623

Kintner, Philip L.

Studies in the Historical Writings of Sebastian Franck (1499-1542)

Stephan, Jr., Paul Brooke

Origins of the Sierra Leone Protectorate (1880-1900)

Tuttle, Peter Guertin

The Ford Peace Ship: Volunteer Diplomacy in the Twentieth Century


Collins, Robert Oakley

The Dervish Invasions of the Southern Sudan, 1883-1898

Dietel, William Moore

Puritanism vs. Anglicanism: A Study of Theological Controversy in Elizabethan England

Freeman, Herbert

The German Democratic Party

Kwok, Danny

Scientism in Chinese Though, 1900-1930:Study of Doctrinal Impact as Revealed by Wu Chih-Hui, Dh’en Tuhsiu, Hu Shih and as Seen in the Debate of 1923

Lauter, Beatric Brodsky

William C. Bullitt and the Soviet Union: The Education of a Diplomat

Liang, Hsi Huey

The Social Background of the Berlin Working-Class Movement, 1890-1914

Lubasz, Heinz Martin

The Body Politic of Kingdom: A Study of the Conceputal Origins of the Sovereignty of King-in-Parliament

Muldowny, John

The Administration of Jefferson Davis as Secretary of War

Schaefer, Ludwig Frederick

German Peace Strategy in 1918-1919

Wagar, Walter Warren

H.G. Wells as a Prophet of World Order, 1941-1946