Dissertations by year, 1900-1909


Geiser, Karl Frederick
Indented Servants in the Colony and Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

Hunt, Agnes
The Provincial Committees of Safety of the American Revolution

Peirce, Paul Skeels
The Freedmen’s Bureau

Tilton, Asa Currier
The King and the Boroughs in Century XIII


Baldwin, Ernest Hickok
Joseph Galloway: a Biography

Geis, Silas Wright
The Colonial Agent in England

Hewitt, Mary Cornwall
The Political Philosophy of the American Revolution

Law, Jessie May
Cromwell’s Major Generals

McCormac, Eugene Irving
White Servitude in Maryland


Asakawa, Kan-Ichi
The Reform of 645: An Introduction to the Study of the Origin of Feudalism in Japan

Richardson, Robert Kimball
The Pontificate of Anthony Bek, Bishop of Durham, 1283-1311

Robinson, Chalfant
The Reciprocity Treaty with Canada in 1854


Guy, Harvey Hugo
A Study in the History of the Rise of the English Episcopacy

Robertson, William Spence
Francisco de Miranda and the Revolutionizing of Spanish America


Textor, Lucy Elizabeth
A Colony of Emigres in Canada, 1798-1816

Ward, Brownlee Robertson


Abel, Annie Heloise (Mrs. Abel-Henderson)
The History of Events that Resulted in Indian Consolidation West of the Mississippi River

Aimes, Hubert Hilary Suffren
The Cuban Slave Trade: A Study in the History of Cuba

Walker, Curtis Howe
A List of Sheriffs for England, 1066-1154


Peterson, Conrad Albin
Studies in Swedish History Prior to 1319, with Special Reference to the Position of the Peasantry

Thorstenberg, Herman Justus
Chapters in the History of the Danish West India Islands


Anderson, Luther
A history of the Salzburgers in Georgia

Benjamin, Gilbert Giddings
The Germans in Texas

Mitchell, Sydney Knox
Taxation under John and Henry III

Rorer, William Drown
Spanish Isthmian Projects and the American Canal


Brandelle, David William
The History of the King’s Council in Sweden from 1306 to 1390

Notestein, Wallace
A History of English Witchcraft from 1558 to 1718

Rather, Ethel Zively (Mrs. E.J. Villavaso)
Recognition of the Republic of Texas by the United States


Latourette, Kenneth Scott
The History of Early Relations between the United States and China, 1784-1844

Learned, Henry Barrett
The President’s Cabinet: Studies in the History of an American Institution

Woodbine, George Edward
Three Thirteenth Century Law Tracts: ‘Fet asaver,’ ‘Judiciuim essoniorum,’ ‘Modus componendi brevia’