Dissertations by year, 2010-present


Archibald, Elizabeth Pitkin

Methods and Meaning of Basic Education in Carolingian Europe

Brown, Elizabeth Gilliam

Origins of the Puritan Concept of Despair

Cameron, Sarah Isabel

The Hungry Steppe: Soviet Kazakhstan and the Kazakh Famine, 1921-34

Covert, Lisa Pinley

Defining a Place, Defining a Nation: San Miguel de Allende Through Mexican and Foreign Eyes

Dunlop, Catherine Tatiana

Borderland Cartographies: Mapping the Lands Between France and Germany, 1860-1940

Fitz, Caitlin Annette

Our Sister Republics: The United States in an Age of American Revolutions

Gin, Kathryn

Damned Nation? The Concept of Hell in American Life, 1775-1865

Greene, Alison Collis

“No Depression in Heaven:” Religion and Economic Crisis in Memphis and the Delta, 1929-41

Havens, Earle Ashcroft

Printers, Papists, and Priests: Roman Catholic Print Culture and the Religious Underground in Elizabethan England

Jean, Marie Martine Alix

Guardians of Order: Police and Society in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 1907-30

Knudsen, Eden Rebecca

Race and Childhood in Fascist Italy, 1923-40

Lee, Sophia Z.

“Almost Revolutionary:” The Constitution’s Strange Career in the Workplace, 1935-80

McKenna, Rebecca Tinio

American Imperial Pastoral: The Baguio Scheme and United States Designs on the Philippines, 1898-1921

Morgan, Michael

The Origins of the Helsinki Final Act

Muchnick, Barry Ross Harrison

Nature’s Republic: Fresh Air Reform and the Moral Economy of Citizenship in Turn of the Century America

Prince, K. Stephen

Stories of the South: The Cultural Retreat from Reconstruction

Rosemblum, Stewart Gordon

Pursuing Order in the Wake of War: Southern State Supreme Courts 1860-1880

Ruddiman, John Anthony

Becoming Men of Some Consequence: Young Men of the Continental Army in Revolutionary War and Peace

Schaffer, Samuel Lonsdale

New South Nation: Woodrow Wilson’s Generation and the Rise of the South, 1884-1920

Weld, Kirsten Allison

Reading the Politics of History in Guatemala’s National Police Archives


Brueckenhaus, Daniel

The Transnational Surveillance of Anti-Colonialist Movements in Western Europe, 1905-45

Casey, Caitlin Marie

Vanguards of Globalization: Transnationalism in American Activism, 1960-75

Cherry, Haydon Leslie

Down and Out in Saigon: A Social History of the Poor in a Colonial City, 1860-1940

Corinealdi, Kaysha Lisbeth

Redefining Home: West Indian Panamanians and Transnational Politics of Race, Citizenship, and Diaspora, 1928-70

Huyssen, David Nicholas

Class Collisions: Wealth and Poverty in New York, 1890-1920

Jaboulet-Vercherre, Azelina

Wine, the Physician, and the Drinker: late Medieval Views on Wine’s Uses, Pleasures, and Problems

Kanfer, Yedida Sharona

Lødz: Industry, Religion, and Nationalism in Russian Poland, 1880-1914

Leslie, Grace Victoria

United for a Better World: Internationalism in the U.S. Women’s Movement, 1939-64

Luther Hillman, Betty

America Dresses for Culture Wars: The Politics of Self-Presentation, 1964-80

Marrero, Karen Lynn

Founding Families: Power and Authority of Mixed French and Native Lineages in Eighteenth Century Detroit

Matz, Brendan Alexander

Crafting Heredity: The Art and Science of Livestock Breeding in the United States and Germany, 1860-1914

McShea, Bronwen Catherine

Cultivating Empire Through Print: The Jesuit Strategy for New France and the Parisian Relations of 1632 to 1673

Morris, Robin Marie

Building the New Right: Georgia Women, Grassroots Organizing, and Party Realignment, 1950-80

Unterman, Katherine Ruth

Nowhere to Hide: International Fugitives and American Power, 1880-1915

Wang, Jinping

Between Family and State: Networks of Literati, Clergy, and Villagers in Shanxi, North China, 1200-1400

Wood, Julia Erin

Freedom is Indivisible: The Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC), Cold War Politics, and International Liberation Movements


Anderson, Mark

Hospitals, Hospices, and Shelters for the Poor in Late Antiquity

Behm, Amanda
Imperial History in Britain, 1880-1940: Pasts, Politics, and the Making of a Field

Curry, Helen

Accelterating Evolution, Engineering Life: American Agriculture and Technologies of Genetic Modification, 1925-60

Dhont, Frank
Outlasting Colonialism: Socio-political Change in the Javanese Principalities under the Japanese Occupation of Indonesia during World War II

Dinner, Deborah

Pregnancy at Work: Sex Equality, Reproductive Liberty, and the Workplace, 1964-93

Dlamini, Jacob

Putting Kruger National Park in its Place: A Social History of Africans and Conservation in a Modernizing South Africa, 1900-2010

Doroshow, Deborah
Emotionally Disturbed: Residential Treatment, Child Psychiatry, and the Creation of Normal Children in Mid-Twentieth-Century America

Edel, Charles

Searching for Monsters to Destroy: The Grand Strategy of John Quincy Adams

Fogg, Kevin
The Fate of Muslim Nationalism in Independent Indonesia

Ford, Eugene

Cold War Monks: An International History of Buddhism, Politics, and Regionalism in Thailand and Southest Asia, 1940-76

Garcia, Samuel
Confession in the Early Modern Spanish World: Prescription and Practice, c. 1500-1605

Gonda, Jeffrey

Home Front: The Restrictive Covenant Cases and the Making of the Civil Rights Movement

Guarneri, Julia

Making Metropolitans: Newspapers and the Urbanization of Americans, 1880-1930

Hanser, Jessica

Mr. Smith Goes to China: British Private Traders and the Interlinking of the British Empire with China, 1757-92

Herman, Elizabeth

World Without End: Conceptions of Heaven in Sixteenth- and Seventeenth-Century Protestant England

Hogarth, Rana

Comparing Anatomies, Construcing Races: Medicine and Slavery in the Atlantic, 1787-1838

Ivanov, Andrey

Reforming Orthodoxy: Russian Bishops and Their Church, 1721-1801

Kazemi, Ranin

“Neither Indians, Nor Egyptians:” Social Protest and Islamic Populism in the Making of the Tobacco Movement in Iran, 1850-1891

Khan, Sulmaan

Muslim, Trader, Nomad, Spy: China’s Cold War and the Tibeten Borderlands, 1959-1962

Kinkel, Sarah

Disciplining the Empire: Georgian Politics, Social Hierarchy, and the Rise of the British Navy, 1725-75

Kordick de Cubero, Carmen

Tarrau: Coffee, Migration, and Nation Building in Rural Costa Rica, 1824-2008

Lee, John

Transgression in Roman Religion

McNeur, Catherine

The “Swinish Multitude” and Fashionable Promenades: Battles over Public Space in New York City, 1815-65

Mooney, Katherine

Race Horse Men: Slavery and Freedom at the Nineteenth-Century Racetrack

Nielsen, Philipp

Between Promised Land and Broken Promise: Jews, the Right, and the State in Germany between 1871 and 1935

Seth, Anita

Cold War Communities: Militarization in Los Angeles and Novosibirsk, 1941-53

Spence, Taylor

The Endless Commons: Indigenous and Immigrant in the British-American Borderland, 1835-48

Thomas, Courtney

Honor and Reputation Among the Early Modern English Elite, 1530-1630

Wehrman, Michael

De-emphasizing the Miraculous in Early Medieval Saints’ Lives, 590-800


Biskupska, Jadwiga
Extermination and the Elite: Warsaw under Nazi Occupation: 1939-1944
Cherry, Megan Lindsay

Leisler’s Rebellion: Anglo-Dutch Imperial Politics in Seventeenth-Century New York

Cieglo, Sarah
The Problem of Pastoral Care in the Thought of Anglican, Presbyterian, and Congregationalist Ministers in England, c. 1689-c. 1730
Collings, Justin

Democracy’s Guardians: Constitutional Justice in Postwar Germany, 1951-1989

Dolias, Erin Glunt

The Marvelous Tale of Alis de Tesieux: Revenants, Reformation, Reform, and Revolving Meaning in a Sixteenth-Century Ghost Story

DuRivage, Justin
Taxing Empire: Political Economy and the Ideological Origins of the American Revolution, 1747-1776
Eisenberg, Ziv

The Whole Nine Months: Women, Men, and the Making of Modern Pregnancy in America

Fieldston, Sara

Bringing Up the World’s Boys and Girls: American Child Welfare and Global Politics, 1945-1979

Gonzalez, Fredy

Chinese-Mexican Relations and the Chinese Community in Mexico, 1931-1971

Gorsuch, Allison
Midwest Territorial Courts and the Development of American Citizenship, 1810-1840
Hasegawa, Masato

Provisions and Profits in a Wartime Borderland: Supply Lines and Society in the Border Region between China and Korea, 1592-1644

Holmes, Todd
Political Backlash: The Corporate West, The United Farm Workers’ Movement, and the Rise of Reaganism in American Politics
John, Heather

Practicing Physicians: The Intern & Resident Experience in the Shaping of American Medical Education, 1945-2003

Jones, Anastasia
“She’s That Way”: Female Same-Sex Intimacy and the Construction of Modern Secual Categories, 1920-1940
Jordan, Brian
Embattles Memories: Union Veterans and Their Unending Civil War
Konove, Andrew

Black Market City: The Baratillo Marketplace and the Challenge of Governance in Mexico City, 1692-1903

Lee, Joyman
Where Imperialism could Not Reach: Chinese Industrial Policy and Japan, 1900-40
Lowe, Kimberly
The Red Cross and the New World Order, 1918-1924
Mancia, Lauren
Affective Devotion and Emotional Reform in the Eleventh-Century Monastery of John of Fecamp
Ptolemy, Jayne

“Our Native Soil:” Philadelphia Quakers and Geographies of Race, 1780-1838

Riley Sousa, Mary Ashley

Indians and the Colonization of Central California

Roberts, Gregory

Policing and Public Power in the Italian Communes

Rutter, Nicholas

Enacting Communism: The World Youth Festival, 1945-1975

Schlotterbeck, Marian
Everyday Revolutions: Grassroots Movements, the Revolutionary Left (MIR) and the Making of Socialism in Concepcion, Chile, 1964-1973
Spinner, Sarah

Judging the Judges: The Special Section of the Paris Courts of Appeals, 1941-1945

Tempest, Gene
The Long Face of War: Horses and the Nature of Warfare in the French and British Armies on the Western Front
Theibert, Leslie

Making an English Caribbean, 1650-1688

Ubelaker, Lisa

The Impossible Americas: Argentina, Ecuador, and the Geography of U.S. Mass Media, 1938-1948

Vierba, Ezer

The Committee’s Report: Punishment, Power and Subject in 20th Century Panama

von Weissenberg, Marita

Men, Marriage, and Masculinity in Late Medieval Hagiography

Vong, Sam
Compassionate Politics: The History of Indochinese Refugees and the Transnational Networks of Care, 1975-1994
Wellington, Jennifer

War and the Imperial Imaginary: Museums, Exhibitions, and Visual Displays of the First World War in Britain, Canada, and Australia, 1941-1942


Barr, Justin
Surgical Repair of the Arteries in War and Peace, 1880-1960
Bonner, Christopher
The Price of Citizenship: Black Protest, American Law, and the Shaping of Society
Casteneda, Ingrid
Dismantling the Enclave, Land, Labor, and National Belonging on Guatemala’s Caribbean Coast, 1904-1954
Cho, Wonhee
Beyond Tolerance: The Mongol’s Religious Policies in Yuan-dynasty Chin a and Il-khanate Iran, 1200-1368
Dunagin, Amy
Secularization, National Identity, and the Baroque: Italian Music in England, 1660-1711
Fobi, Brian
The Engineers of History: Hendrik Verwoerd, George Wallace, and the Power of Historical Memory
Fronczak, Joseph
Popular Front Movements: Antifascism and the Makings of a Global Left during the Depression
Herbst, James
Injustice: Political Trials in Vichy France, 1940-1942
Horowitz, Andrew
The End of Empire, Louisiana: Disaster and Recovery on the Gulf Coast, 1915-2012
Hosoe, Kristina
Regulae and Reform in Carolingian Monastic Hagiography
Johnson, Emily
Activists, Authors, Apostles: Women’s Leadership in the New Christian Right
Johnson, William Christopher
Sex and the Subversive Alien: The Interwoven Itineraries of Migrant Revolutionaries in the Twentieth-Century Atlantic World
Kaufman, Lucy
A People’s Reformation: Religion, Politics and Society in the English Parish, 1560-1600
Lambe, Jennifer
Baptism by Fire: The Making and Remaking of Madness in Cuba, 1857-1980
Leaman, Hans
The Consolation of Exile: Confessional Migration and Identity in the German Reformation
Lemberg, Diana
“The Free Flow of Information:” Media, Human Rights, and U.S. Global Power, 1945-1984
Lockwood, Matthew
Death, Justice and the State: The Coroner and the Monopoly of Violence in England, 1500-1800
McFarland, Victor
Living in Never-Never Land: The United States, Saudi Arabia, and Oil in the 1970s
Minto, David
Special Relationships: Transnational Homophile Activism and Anglo-American Sexual Politics
Müller, Annalena
Forming and Re-Forming Fontevraud: Monasticism, Geopolitics, and the Querelle des Freres (c. 1100-1643)
Offenburger, Andrew
When the West Turned South: Capital and Culture in the U.S.-Mexican Borderlands, 1880-1940
Retzloff, Timothy
City, Suburb, and the Changing Bounds of Lesbian and Gay Life and Politics in Metropolitan Detroit, 1945-1985
Scheffler, Robin
Cancer Viruses and the Construction of Biomedicine in the United States from 1900-1980
Shin, Paul
Remembering Anasthesia: Mesmerism and the Public Culture of Science in Nineteenth-Century America
Zhang, Taisu
Kinship, Property, and Agricultural Capitalism in Pre-Industrial China and England


Anderson, Richard
Recaptives: Community and Identity in Colonial Sierra Leone, 1808-1863
Bellavance, Octavie
Fourth Estate, Fifth Power: The Daily Press, the Public, and Politics in Russia, 1861-1907
Bleecher Snyder, Oriana
Love, Legacy and Salvation: The Wills of Tunja
Bowman, Sarah
The Problem of Yankeeland: White Southern Stories about the North, 1865-1915
Brazelton, Mary Ashley
Vaccinating the Nation: Public Health and Mass Immunization in China, 1900-1960
Cole, Sara
Graeco-Egyptian Hybridization in Ptolemaic Egypt (ca. 323-30 BC): Visual Culture and Elite Identity
Curtis-Olsen, Zane
Reclaiming the “City of Homes”: Squatting and Housing Protest in Philadelphia, 1964-1996
Distelberg, Brian
Visibility Matters: The Pursuit of American Belonging in an Age of Moving Images
Fitch, Mattie
The People, the Workers, and the Nation: Contested Cultural Politics in the French Popular Front
Furtchgott, Lisa
Constructive Annihilation: American Weapons Suppliers and the Remaking of Work, 1939-1989
Gebhardt, Jonathan
Global Cities, Incoherent Communities: Communication, Coexistence, and Conflict in Macau and Manila, 1550-1700
Griffith, Tyler
Seeing Race: Techniques of Vision and Human Difference in the Eighteenth Century
Hall, Ryan
Blackfoot Country: The Indigenous Borderlands of the North American Fur Trade, 1782-1870
Helgen, Erika
Holy Wars: Protestants, Catholics, and the Struggle for Brazilian National Identity, 1916-1945
Knoblauch, Heidi
The Patient’s Posture: Medical Photography, Record Keeping, and the Doctor Patient Relationship, 1862-1939
Koenig, Sarah
The Legend of Marcus Whitman and the Making of American History
Kurz, Nathaniel
“A Sphere Above the Nations?”: The Rise and Fall of International Jewish Human Rights Politics, 1945-1975
Levy-Eichel, Mordechai
“Into the Mathematical Ocean”: Navigation, Education, and the Expansion of Numercy in Early Modern England and the Atlantic World
Lowey-Ball, ShawnaKim
Liquid Market: Malacca under the Sultans
Mathias, Christine
South America’s Final Frontier: Indigenous Leadership and the Long Conquest of the Gran Chaco, 1870-1955
Miller, Chistopher
Collapse: The Struggle to Save the Soviet Economy
Petrucelli, David
A Scourge of Humanity: International Crime, Law, and Policing in Interwar Europe
Rankin, Joy
Personal Computing before Personal Computers: The Origins of America’s Digital Culture
Rothschild, Rachel
A Poisonous Sky: Scientific Research and International Diplomacy on Acid Rain
Schoenenberger, Vreni
Sour Milk: the World Health Organization, Policy Production, and the Nestle Infant Formula Controversy
Tan, Ying Jia
Revolutionary Current: Electricity and the Formation of the Party State in China and Taiwan, 1937-1957
Thompson, Courtney
Criminal Minds: Medicine, Law, and the Phrenological Impulse in America, 1830-1890
Verboon, Caitlin
Urban Encounters: Race, Space, and Citizenship Struggles in Southern Cities, 1865-1877
Wasserman, Zachary
Inventing Startup Capitalism: Silicon Valley and the Politics of Technology Entrepreneurship from the Microchip to Reagan
Yannielli, Joseph
The Mendi Mission: Africa and the American Abolition of Slavery


Abedin, Sakena
Doctor’s Orders:  Medicine, Social Science and the Study of Patient Compliance, 1950-1990
Agresta, Abigail
Many Waters:  An Environmental History of Valencia, 1300-1500
Anderson, Grey
The Civil War in France, 1958-1962
Ashraf, Assef
From Khan to Shah:  State, Society, and Forming the Ties that Made Qajar Iran
Blaakman, Michael
Speculation Nation:  Land and Mania in the Revolutionary American Republic, 1776-1803
Brantley, Allyson
We’re Givin’ Up Our Beer for Sweeter Wine:  Boycotting Coors Beer, Coalition-Building, and the Politics of Non-Consumption, 1957-1987
Bustamante, Michael
Cuban Counterpoints:  Memory Struggles in Revolution and Exile, 1959-1980
Con Diaz, Gerardo
Intangible Inventions:  A History of Software Patenting in the United States, 1945-1985
CuUnjieng, Nicole
Constructing Political Place:  The International Philippine Revolution and Transnational Pan-Asianism, 1887-1912
Gorin, Arielle
Cascadian Crossings:  The Battle for the Pacific Northwest Borderlands after the Oregon Treaty
Graber, Anna
Tsardom of Rock:  State, Society, and Mineral Science in Enlightenment Russia
Greenfield, Mary Ashley
The Unending Conquest of the SS. Beaver:  Steam Power and the Myth of the White Anglo-Saxon Nation in the Nineteenth-Century Pacific Northwest
Healey, Jenna
Sooner or Later:  Age, Pregnancy, and the Reproductive Reolution in Late Twentieth-Century America
Ko, Kevin
Modern Bodies, Modern Souls:  Religion, Medicine, and the Public Imagination in Late Colonial Indonesia
Lentacker, Antoine
Signs and Substances:  Making Media and Drugs in Modern Europe
Rec, Agnieszka
Transmutation in a Golden Age:  Reading Alchemy in Late Medieval and Early Modern Cracow
Ruderman, Anne
Supplying the Slave Trade:  How Europeans Met African Demand for European Manufactured Products, Commodities, and Re-exports, 1670-1790
Scholz, Maxmilian
Exile and the Recasting of the Reformation:  Frankfurt am Main, 1554-1608
Silverstein, Sara
Doctors as Diplomats:  The Origins of Universal Healthcare in International Society
Taylor, Hillary
Branded on the Tongue:  Aspects of Language and Social Relations in Early Modern England  
Walden, Justine
Foaming Mouth and Eyes Aflame:  Exorcism and Power in Renaissance Florence
Wilner, Isaiah
Raven Cried for Me:  Narratives of Transformation on the Northwest Coast of America


Arnold, Catherine
Affairs of Humanity:  Sovereignty, Sentiment, and the Origins of Humanitarian Intervention in Britain and Europe
Baker, Mark
City Limits on China’s Central Plains:  Zhengzhou, Kaifeng, and the Making of Spatial Inequality, 1900-1960
Caden, Mara
Mint Conditions:  The Politics and Geography of Money in Britain and its Empire, 1650-1730
Fraser, Max
The Hillbilly Highway:  A Social History of Transappalachia, 1918-1972
Grisé, Michelle
Inside the Nuclear Labyrinth:  Science and Security in the Making of Contemporary Pakistan, 1947-1998
Hale, Tiffany
Hostiles and Friendlies:  Memory, U.S. Institutions, and the 1890 Ghost Dance
Hattem, Michael
Past and Prologue:  History Culture and the American Revolution
Ifft Decker, Sarah
Gender, Religious Difference, and the Notarial Economy in Medieval Catalonia, 1250-1350
Johnson-White, Rachel
Christianity in Conflict:  Resistance and Conscience in France, 1940-1962
Li, Yiwen
Networks of Profit and Faith:  Spanning the Sea of Japan and East China Sea, 838-1404
Patrico, Ryan
The Catholic Nuns of Lutheran Wurttemberg, 1534-1609
Peterson, Joseph
Missionaries and Marabouts:  Catholicism, Islam, and Secularism in Nineteenth-Century France and Algeria
Price, Delaina
Rich Black Soil:  Co-Operative Business Enterprise in the Jim Crow South, 1920-1938
Ramos, Marco Ochs
Making Disappearance Visible:  Psychoanalysis, Trauma, and Human Rights in Cold War Argentina
Reichardt, Alyssa
War for the Interior:  Imperial Conflict and the Formation of North American and Transatlantic Communications Infrastructure, 1727-1774
Rutkow, Eric
The Longest Line on the Map:  The United States and the Quest to Link the Americas
Sachs, Miranda
Child’s Work:  The Transformation of Childhood in Third Republic Paris
Zakaria, Faizah
Sacral Ecologies of the North Sumatran Highlands:  Converting Peoples and Landscapes, 1800-1928
Ziad, Waleed
Traversing the Indus and Oxus:  Trans-Regional Islamic Revival in the Age of Political Fragmentation and the Great Game, 1747-1880


Adjetey, Wendell Nii Laryea
From the North Star to the Black Star:  African North Americans and the Search for a Land of Promise, 1919-1984
Baumgartner, Alice
Abolition from the South:  Mexico and the Road to the U.S. Civil War, 1821-67
Burden, John
Between Crime and Sin:  Penitential Justice in Medieval Germany, 900-1200
Burset, Christian
A Common Law?  Legal Pluralism in the Eighteenth-Century British Empire
Chastain, Andra
Vehicle of Progress:  The Santiago Metro, Technopolitics, and State Formation in Chile, 1965-1989
Ewing, Cindy
The Asian Unity Project:  Human Rights, Third World Solidarity, and the United Nations, 1945-1955
Fertik, Edward (Ted)
Steel & Sovereignty:  The United States, Nationalism, and the Transformation of World Order, 1989-1941
George, Marie-Amelie
Deviant Justice:  The Transformation of Gay and Lesbian Rights in America
Gerardin, François
City Foundations in Egypt and the Hellenistic East in the Second Century B.C.
Graham, Johns Webb
Environmental, Social, and Political Change in the Otomi Heartland:  A Hydraulic History of the Ixmilquilpan Valley (Hidalgo State, Mexico)
Guise, Holly
World War II and the First Peoples of the Last Frontier:  Alaska Native Voices and Indigenous Equilibrium on the Wartime Alaskan Landscape, 1942-1945
Hogan, Andrew
The Auction of Pharaoh:  Institutions, Markets, and Culture in the Mediterranean during the First Millennium BC
Islam, Pierre
Perplexing Patriarchies:  The Father in the Public Rhetoric and Private Correspondence of Black Opponents and White Defenders of Slavery During the 19th Century
Lanzarotta, Tess
Unsettling Biomedicine:  Research, Care, and Indigenous Rights in Cold War Alaska
Lawrence, Tanya
An Age of Trans-Imperial Vernacularisms:  The Iranian Dissident Community of the Late Ottoman Empire
Mazur, Zachary
Financing the Nation:  The Polish State and Economic Growth, 1918-1939
Milner, Samuel
Robbing Peter to Pay Paul:  Business, Government, and Wage-Price Policy, 1945-1980
Muñoz Arbelaez, Santiago
The New Kingdom of Granada:  The Making and Unmaking of Spain’s Atlantic Empire, 1530-1620
Tran, Andrina
Living Liberty:  Individual Rights and Libertarian Communities since 1913
Walden, Charles (Max)
War, Memory, and the American University, 1865-1930
Watson, Amy
Patriot Empire:  The Rise of Party Politics in the British Atlantic, 1716-1748
Winant, Gabriel
Crucible of Care:  Economic Change and Inequality in Postwar Pittsburgh, 1955-1995
Younger, Katherine
Contested Confession:  The Greek Catholic/Uniate Church in 19th Century European Politics