Dissertations by year, 1910-1919


Lawrence, Henry Wells, Jr.
The Political Activity of the Parliament of Paris and its Procureur General, 1715-1720

Phelps, Vergil Vivian
The Pastor and Teacher, with Special Reference to the Pastor and Teacher in the New England Churches

Young, Helen Louise
A Study of the Constitutional Convention of New York State In 1821


Cooper, Bessie Dean
France under Richelieu, seen from the English Embassy

Klingberg, Frank Joseph
The Parliamentary History of the Abolition of Slavery and the Slave Trade in the British Colonies

Seymour, Charles
The Development of Democracy in England since 1832, as Shown in the Reform of the Representative System


Ferguson, James Fulton
The Edict of Diocletian, Edited with an Introduction, and with a Commentary on Chapters 1-5

Mims, Stewart
Lea Colbert’s West Indian Policy


Harlow, Ralph Volney
The Development of the Standing-Committee System in the Colonial and State Legislatures, 1750-1790

Pearson, Charles Chilton
The Readjuster Movement in Virginia

Robinson, William Alexander
New England Republicanism, 1797-1815


Pitman, Frank Wesley
The Development of the British West Indies, 1700-1760

Whitehead, Philip Barrows
The Conversion of Pagan Buildings in the City of Rome into Christian churches

Young, Mary Gertrude
Management of the Whig Party under Sir Robert Walpole, 1715-1742


Curtis, Edward Ely
The Organization of the British Army in the American Revolution

Morgan, William Thomas
The Place of Queen Anne and Robert Harley in English Party Politics, 1702-1710

Purcell, Richard J.
Connecticut in Transition, 1775-1818


Bayse, Arthur Herbert
The Board of Trade and Plantations, 1748-1782


Gipson, Lawrence Henry
Jared Ingersoll: a Study of British Colonial Government


Ault, Warren Ortman
The Private Courts of the Abbey of Ramsey

Barnes, Viola Florence
The Andros Administration in New England

Gabriel, Ralph Henry
The Historical Evolution of Long Island