Dissertations by year, 1920-1929


Eells, Hastings
The Attitude of Martin Bucer toward the Bigamy of Philip of Hesse

Hail, William James
The Military Career of Tseng Kuo-Fan in the Suppression of the Taiping Rebellion


Rife, Clarence White
Vermont and Great Britain, 1779-1783


Malone, Dumas
The Public Life and Writings of Thomas Cooper, 1783-1839


Clark, Dora Mae
British Contemporary Opinion of the American Revolution, 1763-1783

Manning, Helen Taft
British Colonial Government after the American Revolution


Manning, Frederick Johnson
The Duke of Newcastle and the West Indies: A Study in the Colonial and Diplomatic Policies of the Secretary of State for the Southern Department, 1713-1754


Labaree, Leonard Woods
Commissions and Instructions to Royal Governors in America and the West Indies


Ehrman, Howard Meredith
The London Agreement and the Entrance of Italy into the World War

Owen, David Edward
A History of the British Policy Toward the Opium Trade in China before 1890

Paik, Lark-June George
The History of the Protestant Missions in Korea, 1832-1910

VanSlyck, DeForest
Aspects of the Revolutionary Movement in France, 1788-1789


Lounsbury, Ralph Greenlee
The Trade and Fishery of Newfoundland in the British Commercial and Colonial System, 1660-1763

Ryden, George Herbert
The Foreign Policy of the United States in Relation to Samoa, Extending to the Berlin Conference of 1889


Adams, William Forbes
Irish Emigration to North America, 1815-1845 1929

Calder, Isabel MacBeath
The Jurisdiction of New Haven, a Seventeenth Century Puritan Colony

Dunham, William Huse, Jr.
Lord Chief Justice Hengham and His Summa Magna

Jacobsen, Gertrude Ann
William Blathwayt: An English Administrator of the Seventeenth Century

Pargellis, Stanley
McCrory Loudoun and the Seven Years’ War