Graduate Students


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Research interests
Salonee Bhaman's picture Salonee Bhaman
Kate Birkbeck's picture Kate Birkbeck

nineteenth century US history

Kathryn Blair's picture Kathryn Blair

Africa; South Africa; Legal History; Law and Colonialism

Rebecca Boorstein's picture Rebecca Boorstein
Beshouy Botros's picture Beshouy Botros

Middle Eastern and Afro-Arab histories, race, gender and performance, sexuality, history of medicine, documentary and archive studies, revolutions, time and timing

Zachary Brown's picture Zachary Brown
Elizabeth Buckheit's picture Elizabeth Buckheit

Early Modern Religion, History of Political Thought and Tomfoolery

Andrés Bustamante's picture Andrés Bustamante

Latin America

Ana Calderon's picture Ana Calderon

20th Century US & the Caribbean

Estrella Castillo's picture Estrella Castillo

Indigenous STS; the de-/anti-colonial turn; critical methods; Indigenous knowledges in twentieth-century scientific thought; diaspora of North American Indigenous religions and doctoring; the materiality of psychedelics

Ayse Cicek Unal's picture Ayse Cicek Unal
Graduate School Student

Ottoman History, North Africa and The Early Modern Mediterranean

Henry Clements's picture Henry Clements

Middle East

Constantin Cless's picture Constantin Cless
Zachary Conn's picture Zachary Conn

Diplomatic, Political, and Intellectual History of Native America and the Early United States

Elliott Cramer's picture Elliott Cramer