Graduate Students


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Research interests
Jacqueline Ly's picture Jacqueline Ly

Latin America

Yasmina Martin's picture Yasmina Martin

African history, black internationalism, global Cold War, South Africa, Tanzania

Diana Martínez-Montes's picture Diana Martínez-Montes

20th century U.S. history, empire and immigration, urban history, carceral studies, undocumented studies

Clara Mejía Orta's picture Clara Mejía Orta
Arina Mikhalevskaya's picture Arina Mikhalevskaya
Tianna Mobley's picture Tianna Mobley
Thomas Monaghan's picture Thomas Monaghan
Mikhail Moosa's picture Mikhail Moosa
Hannah Morand's picture Hannah Morand

Early Modern Europe; History of design and technology; History of political thought; Industrial History

Jacob Morrow-Spitzer's picture Jacob Morrow-Spitzer

Modern Jewish history, United States post-1865, politics, citizenship

Gourav Krishna Nandi's picture Gourav Krishna Nandi

History of public health; history of modern South Asia; history of global health; public health policy; philosophy of history

Kelvin Ng's picture Kelvin Ng
Elizabeth O'Neil's picture Elizabeth O'Neil

History of psychology and the behavioral sciences, history of technology, modern history, global history, STS

Cristian Padilla Romero's picture Cristian Padilla Romero
Graduate School Student

20th-century Latin America, Central America

Alicia Petersen's picture Alicia Petersen

History of science and medicine; history of the body; book history; early modern England and France