Graduate Students


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Research interests
Carlos Hernandez's picture Carlos Hernandez

Latin America

Winston Hill's picture Winston Hill
Colin Hoch's picture Colin Hoch

Late Medieval and Early Modern Europe

Earl Hodil's picture Earl Hodil
Kevin Hoffman's picture Kevin Hoffman


Mallory Hope's picture Mallory Hope
Heather Horn's picture Heather Horn
Emily Hurt's picture Emily Hurt


Efeoghene Igor's picture Efeoghene Igor
Henry Ishitani's picture Henry Ishitani
Susannah Jacob's picture Susannah Jacob

20th century United States, labor and political history

Pranav Jain's picture Pranav Jain

Early Modern Europe

Michelle Kimberly Johnson's picture Michelle Kimberly Johnson

20th Century United States social and political history; African American history since 1865; Black women’s history; the Black Freedom Struggle; Freedom North studies; United States urban history

Micah Jones's picture Micah Jones
Marta Kalabinski's picture Marta Kalabinski

East Europe & Russia