Graduate Students


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Research interests
Anne Lessy's picture Anne Lessy


Mary Ellen Leuver's picture Mary Ellen Leuver


Megann Licskai's picture Megann Licskai

US & Canadian medical history; reproductive medicine & justice; gender, science, & medicine; feminist STS; emotions, science, & medicine; biopolitics; life, death & personhood; bodies & medicine in the media; health politics, activism, conservatism

Joanna Linzer's picture Joanna Linzer


Hannah Lloyd's picture Hannah Lloyd
Jermaine Lloyd's picture Jermaine Lloyd


Michael Lo Piano's picture Michael Lo Piano


Nathan Low's picture Nathan Low
Oliver Lucier's picture Oliver Lucier

History of geography, history of the Earth sciences, environmental history

Jared Lucky's picture Jared Lucky
Jacqueline Ly's picture Jacqueline Ly

Latin America

Yasmina Martin's picture Yasmina Martin
Graduate School Student

African history, black internationalism, global Cold War, South Africa, Tanzania

Kathleen McCrudden's picture Kathleen McCrudden

Europe, Intellectual History

Chris Melvin's picture Chris Melvin
Joshua Mentanko's picture Joshua Mentanko