Graduate Students


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Research interests
Arina Mikhalevskaya's picture Arina Mikhalevskaya
Thomas Monaghan's picture Thomas Monaghan
Victoria Morehead's picture Victoria Morehead

Medieval history

Joseph Morgan's picture Joseph Morgan
Avital Morris's picture Avital Morris
Jacob Morrow-Spitzer's picture Jacob Morrow-Spitzer

Jewish history, Reconstruction, US, Western Europe

Gourav Krishna Nandi's picture Gourav Krishna Nandi

History of public health; history of modern South Asia; history of global health; public health policy; philosophy of history

Kayhan Nejad's picture Kayhan Nejad
Graduate School Student
Kelvin Ng's picture Kelvin Ng
Ellen Nye's picture Ellen Nye

Economic history

K.C. O'Hara's picture K.C. O'Hara

Early Modern Atlantic World and Environmental History

Libby O'Neil's picture Libby O'Neil

history of technology, history of science, STS, computing, history of psychology, psychoanalysis, voice technology, artificial intelligence, gender and sexuality, science fiction, media theory, history of human space exploration, mind-body problem(s)

Cristian Padilla Romero's picture Cristian Padilla Romero

20th-century Latin America, Central America

Bennett Parten's picture Bennett Parten
Graduate School Student

19th Century U.S.

Alicia Petersen's picture Alicia Petersen

history of science and medicine; history of the body; book history; early modern England and France