Meenakshi A's picture Meenakshi A
Sakena Abedin's picture Sakena Abedin
Bayan Abubakr's picture Bayan Abubakr
Zoe Adams's picture Zoe Adams
Jean-Christophe Agnew's picture Jean-Christophe Agnew
Professor Emeritus of American Studies & History
Kamil Ahsan's picture Kamil Ahsan
Josh Aiken's picture Josh Aiken
Alvita Akiboh's picture Alvita Akiboh
Assistant Professor
Phone: 203-432-8226
Fisayo Akinlude's picture Fisayo Akinlude
Jennifer Allen's picture Jennifer Allen
Associate Professor of History
Phone: +1 (203) 432-6149
Adel Allouche's picture Adel Allouche
Lecturer Emeritus, History and Religious Studies
Abbas Amanat's picture Abbas Amanat
William Graham Sumner Professor of History Emeritus
Phone: 203-432-1368
Sunil Amrith's picture Sunil Amrith
Renu and Anand Dhawan Professor of History; Associate DGS, History
Phone: 203-432-7304
Thomas Anderson's picture Thomas Anderson
Sergei Antonov's picture Sergei Antonov
Assistant Professor
Phone: 203-432-1378
Kaelyn Apple's picture Kaelyn Apple
Elaine Ayers's picture Elaine Ayers
Lecturer in History of Science & Medicine
Wiktor Babinski's picture Wiktor Babinski
Nelson Barrette's picture Nelson Barrette
Alexander Batson's picture Alexander Batson
Orel Beilinson's picture Orel Beilinson
Lauren Benton's picture Lauren Benton
Barton M. Biggs Professor of History and Professor of Law; DGS, History
Phone: 203-432-7285
Paola Bertucci's picture Paola Bertucci
Professor of History and History of Medicine; Curator-in-charge, History of Science and Technology Division, Peabody Museum
Phone: 203-432-1397
Kate Birkbeck's picture Kate Birkbeck
Ned Blackhawk's picture Ned Blackhawk
Howard R. Lamar Professor of History and American Studies
Phone: 203-432-8530
Kathryn Blair's picture Kathryn Blair
David Blight's picture David Blight
Sterling Professor of History and African American Studies
Phone: +1 (203) 432-8521, 203-432-3339
Rebecca Boorstein's picture Rebecca Boorstein
Daniel Botsman's picture Daniel Botsman
Sumitomo Professor of History; Associate DGS, History
Phone: +1 (203) 432-3197
Simon Bound's picture Simon Bound
Michael Brenes's picture Michael Brenes
Associate Director of the Brady-Johnson Program in Grand Strategy and Lecturer in History
Phone: (203) 436-2851
Zachary Brown's picture Zachary Brown
Elizabeth Buckheit's picture Elizabeth Buckheit
Paul Bushkovitch's picture Paul Bushkovitch
Reuben Post Halleck Prof of History
Phone: 203-432-1351
Andrés Bustamante's picture Andrés Bustamante
Jon Butler's picture Jon Butler
Howard R Lamar Emeritus Professor of American Studies, History & Religious Studies
Phone: 612 331-3236
Ana Calderon's picture Ana Calderon
Caryn Carson's picture Caryn Carson
Sr Admin Asst History
Phone: 203-432-1342
Estrella Castillo's picture Estrella Castillo
Annping Chin's picture Annping Chin
Senior Lecturer Emeritus
Ayse Cicek Unal's picture Ayse Cicek Unal
Deborah Coen's picture Deborah Coen
Professor of History and History of Science & Medicine
Phone: 203-436-8100
Elliott Cramer's picture Elliott Cramer
Lauren Crawford's picture Lauren Crawford
John D'Amico's picture John D'Amico
Ivano Dal Prete's picture Ivano Dal Prete
Senior Lecturer, History and HSHM; Director of Undergraduate Studies, HSHM
Kyra Daniel's picture Kyra Daniel
Amia Davis's picture Amia Davis
Graduate School Student
Rohit De's picture Rohit De
Associate Professor
Phone: 203-432-4233
Carolyn J. Dean's picture Carolyn J. Dean
Charles J. Stille Professor of History and French
Sophia DeLeonibus's picture Sophia DeLeonibus
Teddy Delwiche's picture Teddy Delwiche
John Demos's picture John Demos
Samuel Knight Professor Emeritus History
Mariana Diaz Chalela's picture Mariana Diaz Chalela
Nathaniel Donahue's picture Nathaniel Donahue
Fabian Drixler's picture Fabian Drixler
Professor of History
Phone: +1 (203) 432-1388
Matthew Dudley's picture Matthew Dudley
Neeraja Durga's picture Neeraja Durga
Maura Dykstra's picture Maura Dykstra
Assistant Professor of History
Phone: 203-432-4589
Marcela Echeverri Muñoz's picture Marcela Echeverri Muñoz
Associate Professor
Phone: 203-432-6218
Carlos Eire's picture Carlos Eire
T. Lawrason Riggs Professor of History and Religious Studies
Phone: +1 (203) 432-1357
Omnia El Shakry's picture Omnia El Shakry
Professor of History
Phone: 203-432-4309
Anne Eller's picture Anne Eller
Associate Professor
Phone: 203-432-4585
Breeanna Elliott's picture Breeanna Elliott
Laura Engelstein's picture Laura Engelstein
Henry S. McNeil Professor Emerita of Russian History
David Engerman's picture David Engerman
Leitner International Interdisciplinary Professor of History
Kristine Ericson's picture Kristine Ericson
Lauren Fadiman's picture Lauren Fadiman
Hussein Fancy's picture Hussein Fancy
Associate Professor
Phone: 203-432-3933
John Faragher's picture John Faragher
Howard R. Lamar Prof Emeritus of History & American Studies, Director Howard R. Lamar Center
Michaela Feinberg's picture Michaela Feinberg
Sebastian Fernandez-Mulligan's picture Sebastian Fernandez-Mulligan
Sokeyra Francisco's picture Sokeyra Francisco
Paul Freedman's picture Paul Freedman
Chester D. Tripp Professor of History
Phone: +1 (203) 432-1399
Joanne Freeman's picture Joanne Freeman
Class of 1954 Professor of American History and of American Studies
Phone: 203-432-1392
John Gaddis's picture John Gaddis
Robert A. Lovett Professor of Military & Naval History
Phone: 203-432-1374
Beverly Gage's picture Beverly Gage
John Lewis Gaddis Professor of History
Phone: 203-432-1356
Puya Gerami's picture Puya Gerami
Glenda Gilmore's picture Glenda Gilmore
Peter V & C Vann Woodward Professor Emeritus of History
Phone: 203-432-1398
Jay Gitlin's picture Jay Gitlin
Senior Lecturer History & Associate Director Howard R. Lamar Center for the Study of Frontiers & Borders
Phone: 203-432-0553
Nikolaus Graf Vitzthum's picture Nikolaus Graf Vitzthum
Greg Grandin's picture Greg Grandin
Peter V. and C. Vann Woodward Professor of History
Phone: 203-432-7229
Martha Guerrero Badillo's picture Martha Guerrero Badillo
Graduate School Student
Junyi Han's picture Junyi Han
Valerie Hansen's picture Valerie Hansen
Stanley Woodward Professor of History
Robert Harms's picture Robert Harms
Henry J. Heinz Professor of History & African Studies
Phone: 203-432-0559
Molly Harris's picture Molly Harris
Peter Haskin's picture Peter Haskin
Elizabeth Hinton's picture Elizabeth Hinton
Professor of History, African American Studies & Law
Phone: 203-432-7283
Denise Ho's picture Denise Ho
Associate Professor of History
Phone: +1 (203) 436-9291
Andrea Ho's picture Andrea Ho
Colin Hoch's picture Colin Hoch
Conor Hodges's picture Conor Hodges
Kevin Hoffman's picture Kevin Hoffman
Sergio Infante's picture Sergio Infante
Henry Ishitani's picture Henry Ishitani
Susannah Jacob's picture Susannah Jacob
Henry Jacob's picture Henry Jacob
Graduate School Student
Matthew Jacobson's picture Matthew Jacobson
Sterling Professor of American Studies and History
Phone: +1 (203) 432-1186
Pranav Jain's picture Pranav Jain
Maija Jansson's picture Maija Jansson
Visiting Fellow
Michelle Johnson's picture Michelle Johnson
Maria Jordan's picture Maria Jordan
Senior Lector, Spanish & Portuguese; Lecturer History
Phone: 203-432-5439
Gilbert Joseph's picture Gilbert Joseph
Farnam Professor Emeritus of History
Phone: +1 (203) 432-1380
Liza Joyner's picture Liza Joyner
FAS Operations Mgr
Phone: 203-432-1363
Daniel Judt's picture Daniel Judt
Nivetha Karthikeyan's picture Nivetha Karthikeyan
Marcy Kaufman's picture Marcy Kaufman
Graduate Registrar
Phone: 203-432-1361
Kevin Keller's picture Kevin Keller
Paul Kennedy's picture Paul Kennedy
J. Richardson Dilworth Professor of History
Phone: +1 (203) 432-6242, 432-6244
David Kerry's picture David Kerry
Daniel Kevles's picture Daniel Kevles
Stanley Woodward Professor Emeritus of History, History of Medicine & American Studies; Adjunct Professor, Law School
Shahrouz Khalifian's picture Shahrouz Khalifian
Zeba Khan's picture Zeba Khan
Ben Kiernan's picture Ben Kiernan
A. Whitney Griswold Professor Emeritus of History; Founding Director of the Cambodian Genocide Program and the Genocide Studies Program, MacMillan Center (1994-2015); Professor of International & Area Studies, MacMillan Center (2005-2021); Faculty Affiliate, International Security Studies, Yale Jackson School of Global Affairs
William E. Klein's picture William E. Klein
Senior Lecturer
Phone: 203-432-4583
Jennifer Klein's picture Jennifer Klein
Bradford Durfee Professor of History
Phone: 203-432-1391
Caleb Knapp's picture Caleb Knapp
Postdoctoral Associate
Karolina Kolpak's picture Karolina Kolpak
Caitlin Kossmann's picture Caitlin Kossmann
Leo Krapp's picture Leo Krapp
Adi Kumar's picture Adi Kumar
Regina Kunzel's picture Regina Kunzel
Larned Professor of History and Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies; Chair, Department of History
Phone: 203-432-7281
Naomi Lamoreaux's picture Naomi Lamoreaux
Stanley B. Resor Professor Emeritus of Economics and History
Eva Landsberg's picture Eva Landsberg
Dante LaRiccia's picture Dante LaRiccia
Polly Lauer's picture Polly Lauer
Bentley Layton's picture Bentley Layton
Frederic & Laura Goff Professor of Religious Studies; Professor of Near Eastern Languages & Civilizations and History
Dana Lee's picture Dana Lee
Senior Administrative Assistant, Chair's Office
Phone: 203-432-1364
Erica Lee
Senior Administrative Assistant-Academic Support
Phone: +1 (203) 432-1365
Charlotte Leib's picture Charlotte Leib
Noel Lenski's picture Noel Lenski
Dunham Professor of Classics and History
Phone: +1 (203) 432-0982
Anne Lessy's picture Anne Lessy
George Levesque's picture George Levesque
Associate Dean, Yale College; Dean of Academic Programs, Yale College; Director of Undergrad Studies, First-Year Seminar Program; Lecturer in History
Phone: 203-432-8977
Megann Licskai's picture Megann Licskai
Lecturer in History and HSHM
Phone: 203-432-3039
Hannah Lloyd's picture Hannah Lloyd
Kenya Loudd's picture Kenya Loudd
Nathan Low's picture Nathan Low
Oliver Lucier's picture Oliver Lucier
Jared Lucky's picture Jared Lucky
Essie Lucky-Barros's picture Essie Lucky-Barros
Undergrad Registrar History
Phone: 203-432-1359
Mary Lui's picture Mary Lui
Professor of American Studies & History
Phone: 203-432-8288
Jacqueline Ly's picture Jacqueline Ly
Benedito Machava's picture Benedito Machava
Assistant Professor
Phone: 203-432-7291
Daniel Magaziner's picture Daniel Magaziner
Professor & DUS History
Phone: +1 (203) 432-6110
Joseph Manning's picture Joseph Manning
William K. and Marilyn Milton Simpson Professor of Classics and History, Professor Yale School of the Environment, and Senior Research Scholar in Law
Phone: +1 (203) 432-0989
Ivan Marcus's picture Ivan Marcus
Frederick P. Rose Professor of Jewish History
Phone: 203-432-1379
Yasmina Martin's picture Yasmina Martin
Diana Martínez-Montes's picture Diana Martínez-Montes
John Matthews's picture John Matthews
John M. Schiff Professor Emeritus of Classics & History
Barbara McKay's picture Barbara McKay
Administrative Associate, History & HSHM
Phone: 203-432-1365
Clara Mejía Orta's picture Clara Mejía Orta
Gabriel Mesa's picture Gabriel Mesa
Joanne Meyerowitz's picture Joanne Meyerowitz
Arthur Unobskey Professor of History and Professor of American Studies
Phone: +1 (203) 432-1713
Alan Mikhail's picture Alan Mikhail
Chace Family Professor of History
Phone: 203-432-1353
Arina Mikhalevskaya's picture Arina Mikhalevskaya
Tianna Mobley's picture Tianna Mobley
Thomas Monaghan's picture Thomas Monaghan
Mikhail Moosa's picture Mikhail Moosa
Hannah Morand's picture Hannah Morand
Jacob Morrow-Spitzer's picture Jacob Morrow-Spitzer
Samuel Moyn's picture Samuel Moyn
Chancellor Kent Professor of Law and History
Isaac Nakhimovsky's picture Isaac Nakhimovsky
Associate Professor
Phone: 203-432-1396
Gourav Krishna Nandi's picture Gourav Krishna Nandi
Kelvin Ng's picture Kelvin Ng
Elizabeth O'Neil's picture Elizabeth O'Neil
Vanessa Ogle's picture Vanessa Ogle
Associate Professor
Cristian Padilla Romero's picture Cristian Padilla Romero
Graduate School Student
Peter C. Perdue's picture Peter C. Perdue
Professor Emeritus of History
Phone: 203-432-6145
Alicia Petersen's picture Alicia Petersen
Mark Peterson's picture Mark Peterson
Edmund S. Morgan Professor of History
Sarah Pickman's picture Sarah Pickman
Stephen Pitti's picture Stephen Pitti
Professor of History and of American Studies; Director, Center for the Study of Race, Indigeneity and Transnational Migration
Phone: +1 (203) 432-0560
Lidia Plaza's picture Lidia Plaza
Meghan Poplacean's picture Meghan Poplacean
Javier Porras Madero's picture Javier Porras Madero
Nana Osei Quarshie's picture Nana Osei Quarshie
Assistant Professor
Aron Ramirez's picture Aron Ramirez
Bill Rankin's picture Bill Rankin
Associate Professor
Kate Redburn's picture Kate Redburn
Teanu Reid's picture Teanu Reid
George Remisovsky's picture George Remisovsky
Charlotte Rich's picture Charlotte Rich
Carolyn Roberts's picture Carolyn Roberts
Assistant Professor
Nick Rogers's picture Nick Rogers
Taylor Rose's picture Taylor Rose
Edward Rugemer's picture Edward Rugemer
Professor of African American Studies & History
Phone: 203-436-3556
Paul Sabin's picture Paul Sabin
Randolph W. Townsend, Jr. Professor of History and Professor of American Studies
Phone: 203-436-2516
Jasmine Sahu-Hough's picture Jasmine Sahu-Hough
Graduate School Student
Sandra Sanchez's picture Sandra Sanchez
Maya Sandler's picture Maya Sandler
Felix Santiago-Martinez's picture Felix Santiago-Martinez
Laura Savarese's picture Laura Savarese
Benjamin Schafer's picture Benjamin Schafer
Stuart Schwartz's picture Stuart Schwartz
George Burton Adams Professor of History; Chair, Council on Latin American & Iberian Studies
Phone: 203-432-1375
Alexander Schweinsberg's picture Alexander Schweinsberg
Denise Scott's picture Denise Scott
Sr Admin Asst History
Phone: 203-432-3905
Wulfstan Scouller's picture Wulfstan Scouller
Paul Seltzer's picture Paul Seltzer
Stuart Semmel's picture Stuart Semmel
Senior Lecturer, History & Humanities
Phone: 203-432-6675
Nazim Can Serbest's picture Nazim Can Serbest
Brendan Shanahan's picture Brendan Shanahan
Postdoctoral Associate, Center for the Study of Representative Institutions, MacMillan Center; Lecturer, History
Madeleine Sheahan's picture Madeleine Sheahan
Hannah Shepherd's picture Hannah Shepherd
Assistant Professor of History
Phone: 203-432-7290
Marci Shore's picture Marci Shore
Professor of History
Phone: +1 (203) 432-6792
Frank Snowden's picture Frank Snowden
Andrew Downey Orrick Professor Emeritus of History & History of Medicine
Timothy Snyder's picture Timothy Snyder
Richard C. Levin Professor of History
David Sorkin's picture David Sorkin
Lucy G. Moses Professor of Modern Jewish History
Phone: 203-432-1367
Hannah Srajer's picture Hannah Srajer
Luke Stanek's picture Luke Stanek
Ella Starkman-Hynes's picture Ella Starkman-Hynes
Harry Stout's picture Harry Stout
Jonathan Edwards Professor of American Religious History
Phone: 203-432-0828
Deborah Streahle's picture Deborah Streahle
Graduate School Student
Serena Strecker's picture Serena Strecker
Graduate School Student
Jennifer Strtak's picture Jennifer Strtak
Mindy Su's picture Mindy Su
Stephan Sveshnikov's picture Stephan Sveshnikov
Graduate School Student
Rebecca Tannenbaum's picture Rebecca Tannenbaum
Senior Lecturer, History; Yale NUS Fellow International Affairs
Phone: 203-436-4951
Conrad Totman's picture Conrad Totman
Professor Emeritus History
Charles Troup's picture Charles Troup
Richard Velazquez Perales's picture Richard Velazquez Perales
Alec Walker's picture Alec Walker
Tom Zhuohun Wang's picture Tom Zhuohun Wang
Madeleine Ware's picture Madeleine Ware
John Harley Warner's picture John Harley Warner
Chair and Avalon Professor History of Medicine; Professor American Studies & History; Chair HSHM
Phone: 203-785-5032
Adam Waters's picture Adam Waters
Arne Westad's picture Arne Westad
Elihu Professor of History
Burton Westermeier's picture Burton Westermeier
Alex Williams's picture Alex Williams
Connor Williams's picture Connor Williams
Jay Winter's picture Jay Winter
Charles J. Stille Professor of History Emeritus
Keith Wrightson's picture Keith Wrightson
Randolph W. Townsend, Jr. Professor Emeritus of History
Phone: +1 (203) 432-7248
Jackie Wu's picture Jackie Wu
Jonathan Wyrtzen's picture Jonathan Wyrtzen
Professor of Sociology & History
Phone: 203-432-5172
Nurfadzilah Yahaya's picture Nurfadzilah Yahaya
Assistant Professor
Emily Yankowitz's picture Emily Yankowitz
Tony Yeboah's picture Tony Yeboah
Marcus Yee's picture Marcus Yee
Graduate School Student
Nicole Yow Wei's picture Nicole Yow Wei
Victoria Zabarte's picture Victoria Zabarte
Xinyue Zhang's picture Xinyue Zhang
Zekun Zhang's picture Zekun Zhang
Yi-Ke Zhang's picture Yi-Ke Zhang
Richard Zhang's picture Richard Zhang
MD/MA Student
Alexander Zhang's picture Alexander Zhang
Holden Zimmerman's picture Holden Zimmerman
Rafail Zoulis's picture Rafail Zoulis